Rosemary Root Rot – 3 Possible Causes

rosemary root rot
rosemary root rot

Rosemary is an amazing herb belonging to the Mediterranean region. These herbs are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. This means that Rosemary helps boost the immune system. It also helps boost the circulation of blood, improve memory, intelligence, focus, and alertness. However, Rosemary is often suffered from root rot. Root rot is a disease that attacks the roots of the plants that grow in wet soil. It is mainly caused by a fungus. When the root rot affects the Rosemary, a part of the plant dies. In our article, we will discuss common Rosemary root rot problems and their solutions. If you are looking for such a problem then keep reading!

Rosemary Root Rot Causes

1. Less Water Intake

Water is essential for the lives of plants. Rosemary requires a high quantity of water. This is because the roots of the Rosemary grow efficiently if they are in damp or wet soil. However, if you are giving less water to the plant, then the plant will start to die day by day. Therefore, Rosemary requires a very moderate quantity of water to grow. Once it is grown then it can tolerate the drought. To check if you are watering the soil in the right proportions, test the soil with the help of your fingers. If the soil is dry, then it means that the plant has less water intake than normal. In such cases, water the plant more and make sure that the brown sides of the plant are removed as it will destroy the rest of the plants too.

2. Overwatering The Rosemary

Rosemary plant requires a considerable amount of water. However, such plants may also face overwatering. Overwatering the plant means that the plant will absorb the amount of water more than the required level of water. It also means that the amount of water that will not be absorbed by the plant will remain still on the ground and eventually lead to fungus with a matter of some time. This fungus may introduce many new types of diseases to the plant. The fungus will also stop the growth of the plant and eventually the plant will die. Therefore, it is highly recommended to water the plant according to the need and does not overwater it.

3. Pest Problems

Rosemary often faces pests problems as the plant has the property to attract pests of several types towards it. Pests can be avoided if the pests-free spray is sprayed on the plant. Minor pests come off by simply washing them with the help of strong pressurized water.

The Bottom Line

Rosemary is one of the best herbs that are used for many purposes discussed above. Rosemary root rot often comes with some problems. However, these problems are easy to be fixed. We have provided you with some problems regarding the problem. Lastly, for prevention in the future, you should take care of the plant and water the plant on regular basis.

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