Portulacaria Afra vs Jade Plant – What’s The Difference?

portulacaria afra vs jade plant
portulacaria afra vs jade plant

You might have heard about good luck charms, but have you ever heard about good luck plants? Portulacaria Afra and Jade plants are known to be good luck plants. According to certain believers, this is because they bring prosperity, loyal friends, happiness, and success into your life. However, many people often confuse the two plants with each other as they both have a lot in common. But there are a few key things that separate the two plants from each other.

If you also want to know what the difference between Portulacaria Afra and Jade plant is, then we will help you understand what distinguishes the two plants by providing a comparison between the two plants.

Portulacaria Afra vs Jade Plant

Portulacaria Afra

The Portulacaria Afra is often confused with the Jade plant as it looks a lot like it. However, it is not related to the Jade plant. The main difference between the two types of plants is that Portulacaria Afra does not have the ability to hold itself upright. This means that it will need support over the period of time to stand straight. The plant has a droopy structure that tends to grow in the downward direction. You can use any wood or metal stick to support the plant. The plant has fewer thicker stems compared to the Jade plant. Stems of Portulacaria Afra are darker in color and have a reddish or purple shade.

Unlike the Jade plant, Portulacaria Afra is often not used as a house plant. Still, the plant is considered to be a good choice for hanging baskets because of its drooping appearance. It also has more flower growth than the Jade plant. Portulacaria Afra is considered to have a spiky or rough appearance. These plants grow faster as compared to the Jade plants as they have a growth rate of two weeks to become all lushed up.

Jade Plant

The Jade plant is different from Portulacaria Afra because it has the ability to support itself. In other words, the plants grow in the upward direction due to which it does not require any metal or wood stick to support it for its posture. It has a thicker stem as compared to the Portulacaria Afra. Jade plants have a noticeably lighter color of the stem. They are often used as a house plant. However, the plant has less flower growth as compared to the Portulacaria Afra. Jade plants are easier to maintain than their competitors. They have a tidy appearance and they look neat when placed in any area of the house. The plants tend to grow slower in contrast to the Portilacaria Afra. They grow up to 2 to 3 inches a year.

Comparing Portulacaria Afra And Jade Plant

  1. Jade plants grow slower than the Portulacaria Afra.
  2. People love to use Jade plants as their house plants.
  3. Portulacaria Afra has a drooping appearance while the Jade plants grow straight.
  4. The Portulacaria Afra has fewer thick stems when comparing it to the Jade plants.
  5. The Jade plants have low flower growth than the Portulacaria Afra.
  6. The Portulacaria Afra has a rough look whereas the Jade plants have a tidy or neat appearance.
  7. The Jade plants have light-colored stems. On the other hand, Portulacaria Afra has darker stem color. The stem color of Portulacaria Afra ranges from purple to dark red.
  8. The Portulacaria Afra requires some kind of support to hold them upright. On the opposite side, the Jade plants do not need any support at all.

The Bottom Line

Comparing the two plants, Portulacaria Afra and Jade plant are often confused with each other because of how similar they can be. But there are still plenty of differences that set one apart from the other. Before you choose to get either of the plants, we recommend you determine exactly what you will be using the plant for. If you just want to have a houseplant, you are better off getting the Jade plant.

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