3 Reasons Behind Pistachio Hydrangea Not Blooming

pistachio hydrangea not blooming
pistachio hydrangea not blooming

Hydrangeas are bushy, compact, and colorful plants that are native to Asia and Europe, but they have spread to other regions as well. The Pistachio variant of hydrangea is known for its beautiful color combination that ranges from spring to fall. This flower has hints of pink that blossoms with a very exotic chartreuse green. Its flowers can be easily planted in sun as well as part shade. However, the hydrangea needs a lot of soil that has to be well drained to grow. It is heat tolerant as well.

The flower has stunning blooms that outshine anywhere you put them. Its leaves grow very fast and are about three feet. Pistachio Hydrangea is usually easy to maintain but there are still some problems that people can run into with them. Recently, users have been complaining that their pistachio hydrangea is not blooming. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common reasons for the issue along with ways that can be used to fix them.

Pistachio Hydrangea Not Blooming

  1. Improper Pruning Of Hydrangea

Pistachio hydrangeas are one of the easiest to maintain flowers that can be grown in several regions. This is why getting the problem of your hydrangea not blooming can be quite annoying. Although, people should note that there are several reasons why they can get an issue like this. The most common reason why this can happen is that people have not pruned their flowers properly.

Pistachio hydrangea is a perennial flower that blooms from spring to fall. For the rest of the year, the plant should be kept healthy as it will start to blossom new flowers once it is back in season. With that being said, the technique that should be used to prune the flowers includes removing the dead branches in such a way that the growth of these plants is made better.

For this, you have to first take a sharp cutter or knife and then make cuts at the start of the dead branches. Removing them completely ensures that new branches can start growing in their place and that the growth of your plant does not stop. Other than this, pruning can also help people in keeping the growth of their flowers under control and keeping them in shape at all times.

Finally, you should understand that the flowers should be pruned once winters are over as they have a better growth rate during this time. This can also allow new flowers to bloom quickly even before spring has started.

  1. Location Of The Plant Is Not Good

Aside from pruning, another important factor that people growing pistachio hydrangea should keep in mind is the location they have placed the flower in. This should have enough sunlight to keep the flowers healthy as it is used as the main source of food.

Most people recommend that about 6 to 8 hours of sunlight is best when growing the plant but the weather conditions in your area also play a huge role. When it comes to this, you should note that the flowers prefer a warmer environment.

This is why people keeping the plant in a colder area should ensure that it gets long hours of sunlight. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer environment then even partial shade can be enough to keep the flowers growing. Hence, people can easily understand how much light is required by the plant.

  1. Condition Of Soil

Finally, the last factor that should be kept in mind when growing the flowers is the condition of the soil around them. This should be kept well drained as extra water collecting inside the soil can suffocate the roots for these flowers. On the other hand, soil that is too dry will also cause issues for the plant. Ensuring that you keep the soil moist by adding a small amount of water will help the pistachio hydrangea is blooming new flowers.

Aside from this, the minerals inside the soil also play a huge role in how the plant will grow. If you notice that your soil does not contain enough nutrients for the flowers, then using fertilizers is a great option. The effect for these only lasts about a month which is why they should be added again for the best results.

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