Philodendron Imperial Red vs Rojo Congo – What’s The Difference

philodendron imperial red vs rojo congo
philodendron imperial red vs rojo congo

Philodendrons are a large genus from the family Araceae. These are flowering plants that have over 489 species that people can choose from. This gives users tons of options that they can select from which can be great. The main reason behind this is that people get to select a plant that will look best in their garden. Other than this, another thing that should be noted is that each of these flowers has its unique requirements.

Philodendron Imperial Red vs Philodendron Rojo Congo

This is why it can be important that you go through the details of a plant before deciding if it should be planted or not. Two of the best varieties that you can plant from Philodendron include the imperial red and rojo congo. Both of these are great options, but they can also look quite similar. Hence people can get confused when trying to decide which one to plant. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two varieties. Going through it should help in making your decision easier.

Philodendron Imperial Red

The philodendron imperial red or also sometimes known as the blushing philodendron is a famous variety that is sought by people all around the world. This is a hybrid of several philodendrons that was developed by gardeners by testing around the plant. You should note that this variety is often kept indoors on tables because of how attractive it looks. However, you can also plant it in your garden which allows users to get tons of flowers blooming. The great thing about the plant is how easy it can be to maintain. The only thing that you need to keep a check on is how much warmth the flowers are getting.

This can be quite easy as you can keep your plant in a place where it gets constant light throughout the day. This should be around 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight so that the plant can absorb nutrients and keep itself healthy. Though, if you live in a warmer temperature then less light might be better for the plant. This is because too much heat can also cause problems for a flower like this. Talking about this, if you notice black spots forming on your plant then it means that it is getting too much light.

Simply changing its location or adding a shade above it should be enough to control the sunlight. Other than this, people should note that the main reason these flowers are known as imperial red is because of their leaves. These form a red shade on them which is unique and also helps in making the plant look beautiful. Some users complain about discoloration issues with the flowers, but this mostly happens when you are not taking care of the plant.

Philodendron Rojo Congo

The philodendron rojo congo is another variety that is quite similar to the imperial red. Though, the main difference between these two plants is their color. Instead of the leaves being red, in the case of rojo congo, the plant has its foliage in the same shade. This makes the plant stand out and look attractive even from a distance. If you are simply comparing these two plants, then the rojo congo variety is the best option to go for.

However, there are also tons of issues that you can run into with these flowers. The main reason why people rarely see the plant is because of how hard it can be to purchase it. These plants are considered to be rare houseplants because they are sought by collectors around the world. The unusual and striking red foliage on the plant makes it an exotic tropical plant that you can keep in your house.

Keep in mind that this variety also requires a lot of maintenance, and the plant can only grow in some regions. This is why you should go through these factors first to ensure that the flowers can be kept in your house. If not, then the imperial red is the second best option that you can go for. Not only are the flowers beautiful and easy to maintain but it is also widely available.

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