Philodendron Imperial Green vs Congo Green – Which One To Plant?

philodendron imperial green vs congo green
philodendron imperial green vs congo green

Planting flowers in your house can be a lot of fun. These plants come in different varieties that vary in colors, shapes, and even sizes. This is why you should go through the details about a variety before deciding if it should be planted or not. Philodendrons are beautiful flowering plants that are often kept as houseplants. These originated from tropical areas where there is a lot of rainfall. Though, the plants also require some additional steps to keep healthy.

Talking about philodendrons, the plant has over 489 species that can be kept in your house. The philodendron imperial green and congo green are both great choices that you can go with. Both of these look quite similar which is why people can get confused between them. You might run into the same issue, so going through this article should help you out. We will be providing you with a comparison between the two varieties so that you can understand how to distinguish between them.

Philodendron Imperial Green vs Philodendron Congo Green

Philodendron Imperial Green

Philodendron imperial green is a cultivar of Philodendron erubescens. These plants are prized for their large green leaves that are also quite smooth. The leaves grow out in different directions giving them a unique appearance. This is also one of the main reasons why the plant is grown by so many users. Imperial green has a fast growth rate as the plant can be found growing up to 90 to 120 cm even if kept indoors. You can keep the height controlled by cutting the additional stems on time. There are several things to look out for in this case as pruning incorrectly can also prevent the growth of plants.

This is why ensuring that you prune on time and do this carefully can be essential. The process requires you to remove the dead leaves and stems from the plant so that they can grow back again. Though this should mostly be done when winters have started to end as the plant is in its best condition. Now that you understand this, another thing to note is that these flowers also require a lot of sunlight to stay healthy. This is why you should put them in a spot where they can get all the light required.

The process helps in ensuring that your plants will stay healthy for a long time without running into any issues. This should also allow the leaves of your imperial green variety to stay in their glossy green state along its foliage. Overall, these are beautiful plants to keep in your garden as well as indoors. Maintaining them is also quite easy which makes the plants a great option for beginners.

Philodendron Congo Green

Philodendron green congo is a fast-growing plant that has flowers with a striking glossy shade of green. The great thing about them is that the foliage is shaped like hearts which can be amazing. Aside from this, the plants usually grow upwards, but they will spread themselves accordingly. These dark green leaves also grow near each other. People can easily notice a single stem being filled with tons of leaves. This gives the plant a packed appearance, allowing it to stand out when placed indoors.

Some people wonder if the variety can be used as crawling vines because of its characteristics. When it comes to this, you should note that the answer is no. The main reason behind it is that congo green plants might grow upwards but these don’t tend to stick to surfaces. This is why keeping them as vines is not an option. The plant is native to South America, but it has quickly spread to other regions because of its beautiful leaves.

This variety is also quite easy to maintain but one great thing is that the plant can also grow in less light. As long as your pot is kept near a window, the light around it should be enough to sustain its growth. Going through the information provided above, people should be able to understand how the two plants are different. Though, if you are still having trouble then take a look at the color of the leaves carefully. The shades on congo green are usually much darker in comparison which helps in distinguishing between the varieties.

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