Ortho Home Defense Max – How Long To Dry? (Answered)

Ortho Home Defense Max How Long To Dry
Ortho Home Defense Max How Long To Dry

Humans detest nothing more than the insects roaming around in their houses. The only solution is to exterminate all the pests lingering around the house, especially in the kitchen area as cooking in a place full of insects leaves a bad taste in the mouth. People have tried many ways to get rid of these pests but in some way or another, these insects find their way back into the house. This can be quite annoying which is why different brands have started coming up with products that can be used for this problem.

You should note that Ortho is one of the leading companies that has come up with a product that can remove most of the pests from your house. The Ortho Home Defense is an amazing chemical that can last a long time if properly used. When it comes to this, some users ask the question “How long does Ortho Home Defense Max take to dry?”. If you are wondering the same thing then going through this article should help you in getting all the information required.

How Long Does Ortho Home Defense Max Take To Dry?

When using the Ortho Home Defense Max, the first thing people should keep in mind is how long this product takes to dry. This is because you have to stay away from the chemicals before this. If you accidentally touch or clean the surface before this product has dried, then it might have to be applied again. To avoid running into this issue, you should wait patiently until the solution dries. One great thing about this product is that it will stay in the same spot for over a year if you allow it to completely dry. Now that you understand this, another thing to note is that the time taken for this product to dry can vary. Several factors can cause this so keep that in mind when using the spray.

The temperatures that you are using the chemical in as well as the surface you apply it on, both play a major role in how long it will take to dry. Usually surfaces with moisture take a lot long whereas dry surfaces can take a short time. Aside from this, a mild temperature is best for this product to dry but this being too hot or too cold can cause the chemicals to take time. However, in most cases, the Ortho Home Defense Max should be dry after 24 hours have passed. This is why the company suggests this time even though the chemicals can dry before this time frame.

Keeping the information provided above in mind, people can understand that the insects in their homes will start to die after an entire day has passed. Just make sure that you spray the chemicals in the correct spots as this is essential. Additionally, the product works better as a repellent instead of trying to use it to kill pests. Considering this, it Is recommended that you spray the chemical in spots where the insects and pests might enter from. This helps people in ensuring that they can prevent these annoying bugs from ever entering their house.

If you already have an infestation, then simply start spraying the chemical in spots where the insects move around. You can then leave the area locked for about 2 days and then check it. Most of the pests if not all of them should be dead by this time. Aside from this, people should note that the chemicals don’t release any dangerous fumes which makes this safe to use in your home. However, trying to ingest the chemical is not safe at all. This is why this should be kept away from the reach of your children and pets. The chemicals inside Ortho Home Defense can cause inhaling and digestion issues which are quite dangerous.

People can also clean the surfaces that they have used this product on after it has dried. Now that you understand all this, using the Ortho Home Defense Max should be quite easy. The product also comes with a small guide that can be used in case you are having trouble when using it. Finally, Ortho also has its support team that can be contacted in case you want to ask any questions regarding the products.

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