Orange Tree Flower But No Fruit? Try These 6 Fixes!

orange tree flowers but no fruit
orange tree flowers but no fruit

Oranges are filled with citrus and are able to prevent cancer as they are used in making many drugs. Orange trees are often grown in the backyard of your house as they are easy to grow. But what if the orange tree flowers but no fruit is produced? Let us find out.

Orange Tree Flowers But No Fruit

1. Watering The Tree

Watering the orange tree is a must. If you do not provide enough water to the tree or more than required water is being provided to the tree, then the tree will not produce any fruits. The orange trees require a lot of water to make sure that it grows properly. It is suggested to water the tree daily to make sure that the tree grows efficiently and produces fruits.

2. Sunlight

Another key factor required by the orange tree is sunlight. If the tree is not exposed to the sunlight properly, it will not grow and remain small. Therefore, it is recommended that you plant the tree where there is plenty of sunlight available.

3. Flowers Not Pollinated

If the flowers are not pollinated, it is obvious that they will not produce fruits. The orange tree has the ability to self-pollinate. Therefore, you do not have to pollinate the flowers yourself. However, there are a few things you can do to increase the rate of pollination. One of these methods is cross-pollination. Cross-pollination is a great way to help the fruit increase in numbers as well as grow larger in size. Also, honey bees and butterflies can also be helpful in increasing the rate of pollination. Bees and butterflies are mostly attracted to lavender, bee balm, sunflowers, and butterfly weeds. If you grow these plants in your garden, it will attract pollinators and help increase the pollination rate of the flowers.

4. Old Tree

The age of the tree matters a lot when it comes to fruit production. If the tree is too old, it will not be able to produce any fruit. Therefore, check the age of the orange tree. You can ask any gardener to do that for you. If the orange tree is too old, it will certainly produce flowers but no fruits.

5. Fruiting Season

The fruits are produced only in the fruiting season. Check the fruiting season of the fruit. Mostly, the orange tree produces fruits near winters and during the winters. This means that the tree will not produce fruits in summer. The tree will only grow flowers.

6. Balanced Nutrient

Providing the tree with the required nutrients is also essential for the tree to produce fruits. Therefore, it is highly suggested to use proper fertilizers to make sure that your tree gets all the necessities it needs for its growth.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, if the orange tree flowers but does not fruit then there are a few things that you need to do in order to make sure that the orange tree flowers as well as grow delicious fruit.

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