New Holland 5500 vs John Deere 5310: What’s The Difference?

new holland 5500 vs john deere 5310
new holland 5500 vs john deere 5310

When it comes to tractors, there are a lot of options to choose from. Not only you need to be careful about the brand, and what size you are getting for your tractor, but you will also need to consider the power range that you are looking to get a tractor in as that will be contributing a lot towards any applications that you might have planned for your farming needs.

There are different categories and New Holland 5500 or John Deere 5310 are some of the bigger tractors that you are going to need if you have some extensive farming needs.

These can also be classified as the professional tractors that any farmer can need for irrigation, harvesting or any other purposes. They are also pretty great for towing with ample power on them and you are going to enjoy the right experience if you choose to go with them.

There are certain differences between them both as well that one must be aware of if they are planning to go with these tractors. So, a few key differences that can help you compare and make an effective decision would be:

New Holland 5500 vs John Deere 5310

New Holland 5500

New Holland 5500 is one of those big tractors from New Holland that can get anything done that you might think of throwing their way. With that being said, they are some of the toughest machines that you can find out there and are pretty rigid when it comes to the heavy-duty applications if you are looking to find yourself a tractor to get that sorted out for you.

New Holland 5500 comes with a 3-Cylinder Naturally Aspirated Diesel engine that is capable of producing 55 HP with 2931 cc on it, and that power is coupled with a double clutch transmission as well. The transmission on New Holland 5500 got 8 forward and 2 reverse gears on it that is not only one of the smoothest transmissions that you can find on any tractors out there, but it is also most durable and got the right power on it to help you through most of the applications that you might be thinking of.

There are multi-disk breaks as well that are hydraulic and that is going to help you perfectly well with stopping and handling the tractor. These breaks are designed perfectly keeping the weight and size of tractor in perspective and they are going to avoid the slips and skids perfectly for you, no matter what terrain you might be using the tractor with.

It got a 1700 KG lifting capacity that can help you haul those weights without facing any problems and this way you will be able to ensure that you are never stuck with a situation. You can also use the tractor for heavy towing applications if needed be.

John Deere 5310      

John Deere 5310 is another tractor of the same category and it has the same size as well. The best part is that John Deere 5310 also runs a 3-Cylinder Naturally Aspirated diesel engine that is capable to produce 55 HP for you and that would help you through any tough conditions that you might need the tractor for. But there are some major improvements if you consider the transmission.

While John Deere 5310 is also running a dual clutch transmission, there are added gears and you get 9 forward and 3 reverse gears on it with collar shift transmission. This will help you with some added power and utility and the top speed for John Deere 5310 would be 31.9 Km/h forward.

In addition to all that, there is a power steering on the tractor that makes it a lot easier for you to move the tractor around without putting much effort to it. Not only that, but hydraulic breaks make the handling part a lot easier than other tractors and all the basic features that you might need are on John Deere 5310. The fuel tank comes with a 68 liter capacity that would save you the hassle of refueling the tractor again and again so that you can focus on your work and make it worth your while.

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