Nectarine Tree vs Peach Tree – Which One To Grow?

nectarine tree vs peach tree
nectarine tree vs peach tree

The beautiful season of spring brings along the blossom of juicy fruits. In this particular season, peach and nectarine are some of the gardeners’ favorite fruits to grow. However, as both the trees look awfully similar, and have similar places where they are used, people can’t help but compare both fruit trees.

If you have also found yourself in the debate of nectarine tree vs peach tree, then you have come to the right place! Today, we will be taking a look at all the benefits of growing either one of these fruits, which should help you make a better decision.

Nectarine Tree vs Peach Tree

Are They Really Different?

For a beginner, it can often be really hard to differentiate between the two fruits as they look really similar. However, the simplest way to distinguish between these two is by simply taking a good look at them, or by touching the fruit.

Peaches have skin that is usually covered with fuzz, which also helps in giving the fruit a unique texture. On the other hand, nectarines have very smooth skin, which might also give a shiny look to the fruit.

Both nectarines and peaches come in pink, red, and golden colors. Most usually, peaches are a bit larger than the size of a nectarine. Still, if not careful enough, it is quite common to mistake a peach with a nectarine.

Benefits of the Fruits

Peaches contain a good number of antioxidants, vitamin C as well as vitamin C. Apart from them, peaches also have fiber and potassium inside them which makes them an excellent fruit. They are normally used in pies, shortcakes, ice creams, and cobblers.

Compared to it, nectarines have around double the amount of vitamin A with a noticeable increase in vitamin C as well. Other than that, nectarines also have much more potassium than you should be able to find inside a fresh peach.

Growing Peaches and Nectarines

Before you begin to grow any of these two fruits, it is important that you understand that these plants need good maintenance for growth. This means that you will have to be really careful when growing either one of these plants. Not only do they require good drainage, but you will also need to prune them a lot more often than any other fruit tree.

As for the chill requirement, each tree has its own individual chill requirement, which is why it is important that you understand the kind of tree you want to grow in your area.

A normal nectarine or peach can grow up to 25 feet tall, but if you keep pruning them regularly, they should be kept at around 9-12 feet. Once the trees mature, you will have to prune them more often. Pruning also contributes to avoiding certain pests and diseases.

In contrast to nectarines, peach trees can easily fall prey to certain pests and diseases which can ruin the tree. That being said, nectarines seem to have more chances of getting brown rot disease.

Can One Be Substituted With The Other?

As you may have deduced already, both these fruits are almost identical to each other, which begs the question of whether they can be substituted with each other. Luckily, nectarines can be used in almost the same way as you would use a peach. In fact, nectarines are considered one of the best substitutes for peaches.

The only real difference that you will get is in the way their skins are. Besides this, other minor differences include the size of the fruit and the texture.

The Bottom Line

Comparing nectarine tree vs peach tree, growing both trees will give you very similar benefits. So, if you were wondering which one of them should be the better choice for you, then it all boils down to personal preference. Before growing either one of them, ask yourself the question of whether you like nectarines or peaches more?

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