Marigold vs Mustard – What’s The Difference

Marigold vs Mustard
Marigold vs Mustard

Gardening can be a lot of fun, but this hobby also makes your gardens look attractive. This is because flowers come in different colors, sizes, and shapes that people can select from. Every plant has further species that have different characteristics, and it confuses people. Hence, when it comes to selecting a flower for your garden, it can be important that you consider some factors.

These can help you in deciding which plants will work best for your home. Marigold and mustard are two major types of plants that can be commonly found. These also share a few features which are why some people might have a hard time deciding which one will be better for them. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between the two plants. Going through the information should help you in selecting a flower that suits you better.

Marigold vs Mustard


Marigolds are common flowers from the sunflower family, and these can be found in most gardens. The plant can be used as both perennial and annual flowers depending on the weather conditions in your region. Marigolds usually prefer a warmer environment as well as several hours of direct sunlight every day. This helps them in staying healthy and bloom new flowers throughout the season.

People who live in regions that have warm temperatures and sunlight throughout the year can have the flowers blossoming the entire year. However, if the temperatures drop to lower levels, then the flowers will die out and your plant will survive. This can be great as long as you can keep the plant alive as new flowers will start blooming when spring arrives.

Though, if your region gets freezing temperatures then you will have to plant new seeds the next year. Overall, marigolds require low maintenance which makes them a great option for beginners. Additionally, the flower has tons of uses including making dye out of it. This can be used for food colors as well as some varieties of the plant are edible.

Other than this, marigolds attract insects like bees and ladybugs which can be beneficial for them. These help the plant in reproducing so that new marigold plants can start growing in your garden. The flowers also act as a pest repellent that keeps your garden secure from harmful insects. The unique odor from marigolds is also enough to keep most animals away and people often plant these flowers just for this reason.


Brassica and Sinapis are both plant species that grow plants which are called mustard plants. There is a variety of plants that are all similar and these are often grown at large scales. This is because the seeds taken from the plant can be used to make mustard oil. The ingredient derived is used in tons of recipes and has a unique taste that makes it amazing.

Considering this, people often plant mustard plants in their gardens so that they can take seeds from them every year. Aside from this, another use for these plants is that you can use their flowers in salads. Both marigold and mustard plants have edible flowers and the ingredients made from the plants are used in food. Aside from this, there are no major similarities between the two flowers.

Mustard plants grow small flowers that have a yellow shade on them whereas, marigold flowers can be found in a variety of colors. The main reason why so many people often ask questions regarding these two plants is because of the colors on them. The standard shades on these flowers are both a variety of yellow which makes some users confused.

Although, if you carefully notice these colors then you can see that there is a clear difference between them. Other than this, both plants have unique use cases which is why if you are thinking about planting them then you can easily decide which one will suit you better. Depending on your usage one plant will work better in your garden.

In some cases, people can also use marigolds as companion plants with mustard plants. This is because marigold flowers keep other plants near them protected from pests and harmful insects. The process ensures that your mustard seeds are kept secure so that you can make oil by grinding them.

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