Marigold vs Carnation- Which Is Better?

marigold vs carnation
marigold vs carnation

Marigold and carnation are two beautiful flowers that can be great additions to any garden. They’re both beautiful in their own way and have lots of unique traits. But, what exactly are these unique traits?

Lots of people aren’t able to keep both plants in their garden, which is why they have to choose one or the other to avoid the extra work. If that’s the case for you and need to decide between Marigold vs Carnation, we’re here to help out.

Marigold vs Carnation

This comparison below covers everything you need to know about both of these plants, including their major differences.


Marigolds are one of the best flowers that you can plant in your gardens. These usually have an orange to yellow color on their petals which makes the flower look beautiful. Although, you should note that there are tons of other benefits to planting these flowers in your garden. Marigolds are also often used to repel pests from your ground or make dye out of the petals.

When it comes to using the plant as a pest repellent, people should note that these can be used as companion plants or simply as ground cover. Marigolds fall under the family of sunflowers which is why the plant also has some shared characteristics. This includes having large rectangular petals that have rounded corners on them.

Additionally, the plant requires direct sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours a day to stay healthy. You should note that getting lower sunlight than this will not make your flowers weak, but they will slightly lose their colors. This is why you should plant the flowers in a spot where they can get all the sunlight that is required. This keeps the plants healthy and ensures that the flowers keep on blooming.

Aside from this, another thing that you need to keep in mind is that these plants require healthy soil when growing. Hence, tons of people recommend using fertilizers while the flower is still under growth. Once the flowers start blooming, the care required for these plants lessens. The user can then stay worried free and enjoy marigolds growing in their garden.


Carnation is a famous flower that is also known as clove pink or grenadine. The flower is originally native to the Mediterranean area buts its exact origin is unknown. This is because the plant has been cultivated and spread extensively over the last 2000 years or so. These are usually planted as fringe-petal plants that come with a spicy fragrance on them.

The flowers are quite common in the floral industry because of how beautiful these look. There are several types of plants, but people will mostly notice flowers being planted from two major groups. This includes the perpetual flowering carnations as well as the border or garden carnations. When it comes to border carnations, you will notice that these have tons of different types to select from.

This includes having flowers that can grow 1 to 2.5 feet tall while having tons of color options to select from. Additionally, the diameter of these flowers only stretches up to 2 inches which is quite small. The stiff stems on these flowers paired with the green leaves make them look beautiful. The perpetual flowering carnations on the other hand are a hybrid that can grow about 3 feet in height.

These are larger in color and come in more vivid colors. Considering this, the flowers are often planted just to be traded between florists. With that being said, you should note that these flowers are also easy to handle just like marigolds. The only reason why people confuse these flowers with each other is because of how similar they look. But if you closely inspect them then you can notice subtle differences in their shapes. The colors on the flowers are quite different which is another great way of distinguishing between them.


Now that you know the distinctions between these two, which one will you add to your garden? Regardless, we are sure you’ll love your choice as long as you make a decision based on all the information that we covered in the comparison above.

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