Magnolia Genie vs Black Tulip- Which Is Best?

Magnolia Genie vs Black Tulip
Magnolia Genie vs Black Tulip

Growing flowers in your garden can be a lot of fun. This lets people make their homes look attractive while also getting several other benefits along it. However, you should note that the characteristics of most plants can vary from specie to specie. Hence, you must go through these specifications to find a flower that can last you a long time. When it comes to this, people should consider what their requirements are so that a suitable plant can be selected.

When simply looking for beautiful flowers to plant, magnolia genie and black tulip are among some of the best options for users. Both plants also have similarities that might confuse people when purchasing them. Talking about this, if you are thinking about planting one of these two flowers in your garden then going through this article should help you in deciding which one will be better. This is because we will be providing you with a comparison between the magnolia genie and black tulip so that it can be easier to distinguish them.

Magnolia Genie vs Black Tulip

Magnolia Genie

Magnolia genies are a species of magnolia flowers that are mostly planted for their beautiful bloom. This not only adds an attractive color to people’s gardens, but it also comes with a unique scent. The blooms are also consistent while the plant is in its season which is why people often harvest them for floral arrangements. The flowers also grow in groups which makes them look showy and fill up your gardens. The plants can usually grow out to be about 10 to 15 feet in height which are quite large.

These can also withstand cooler temperatures, but it is mostly recommended that people keep their flowers in a warmer area. About 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day can be optimal for magnolia genies to stay healthy and blossom new flowers. However, if you are not able to plant the flowers in a spot like this then at least 4 hours are required. Partial shade for the plant only works if you are living in an area with warmer temperatures throughout spring.

The magnolia genie flowers come with a red-burgundy color on their petals which are paired up with dark green leaves. This looks great but people should note that one of the best things about these plants is their ability to rebloom. In most cases, the plant can start growing out new flowers once summers are over which allows people to get blooms two times a year. As the plant is perennial, people can also get new flowers next year as long as they keep the plant healthy.

Black Tulip

Black tulips are one of the 75 species that tulip flowers have. All of these are perennial flowering plants that can last users several years without any issues. These flowers are also easy to maintain which makes them a great option for beginners. When looking at black tulips, the first question that is asked is if these are truly black. The answer can be both yes and no as the color on these petals is the darkest shade that can be found when planting tulips.

However, if you closely observe the plant then the shade is not exactly black but has a purplish to reddish shade instead. This paired up with the shade of these petals, people can easily understand why the flower is often mistaken as a magnolia genie. When simply comparing the two plants, people should note that the petals on black tulips are slightly darker in color. Additionally, the flower is tightly packed with uniform petals whereas magnolia genie petals look like they are trying to open.

Black tulips can rebloom, but this is not as common as magnolia genie flowers can. Other than this, black tulips are a much older variety which is why they are found in tons of regions. Whereas the magnolia species is quite new and has only spread to some areas. Keeping this information in mind, people can easily understand how to distinguish between a black tulip and a magnolia genie. You can also decide which of the two flowers will look better in your garden. People can also plant both the flowers together as they work as great companions.

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