4 Methods For Resolving Macdon FD75 Header Problems

macdon fd75 header problems
macdon fd75 header problems

Macdon FD75 is a very powerful and tough tractor that can adjust to any environment. Many consumers around the globe love this unit because it provides the user with the best comfort level.

Moreover, it is a very productive and hassle-free tractor.

However, some of the users ran into problems with the header. Therefore, a complete guideline to troubleshoot the Macdon FD75 header problems is given below.

Solutions For Macdon FD75 Header Problems

  1. Header Chain Problem

The users of Macdon FD75 complained about the chain in the header. Simply put, the users mentioned that the chain is sometimes stuck, so the header stops moving. This problem is mostly related to negligence in maintenance.

Therefore, to fix this problem, all you need to do is to keep the chain tight. Moreover, lubricating the chain every day will make the chain rotate without any problem.

On the other hand, the users of this unit also mentioned that the chain cuts the guard around it. This problem can be easily fixed by tightening the chain and the guard on time.

  1. Header Slows down Harvester – MacDon FD75 Problem

When harvesting with a MacDon FD75, the header may get jammed and suddenly slow down. When this happens, it may be due to damaged drive tires. They must be kept in good condition to transfer power from the combine to the header adequately.

 If there is a problem with the tires, it may cause the harvester to slow down. The header must b good shape so power can be transferred quickly and efficiently from the tractor to the header.

  1. Inspecting Drive Tires

Often, when a MacDon FD75 slows down or stops suddenly during operation, it is due to damaged tires. Drive tires are essential for transferring power from the combine to the header quickly and efficiently.

Tire Pressure & Crossbar

The faster they move power, the better the harvester will perform.

Tire damage can include cuts and tears on its surface. These should be addressed as soon as possible so you can avoid further damage to the machine.

One way to inspect drive tires for damage is to remove them from the combine and visually analyze them. Look at the tire surface for cuts and tears and other signs of wear and tear that could compromise their performance.

If you notice any problems with the tires, it may be necessary to replace them to prevent further damage to the harvester. Another way to address drive tire problems is by regularly maintaining them.

This may involve keeping the tires inflated at the proper level and ensuring they are properly aligned with the tractor and header.

By following these simple maintenance steps, you can help avoid any problems with your MacDon FD75 header and ensure that it runs smoothly during harvesting.


To ensure the drive tires on a MacDon FD75 function properly, you should consider getting them professionally inspected.

This can help identify any potential problems with the tires so that they can be fixed or replaced as needed to prevent performance issues in the future.

By ensuring that your drive tires are in good condition, you can help avoid any problems with your harvester and ensure that it functions smoothly during harvesting.​

Regular maintenance and inspection is the key to resolving MacDon FD75 header problems.

By inspecting the drive tires for damage, keeping them properly inflated, aligning them with the tractor and header, and having them professionally inspected occasionally, you can help avoid issues with your harvester and ensure that it operates smoothly during harvesting.​

  1. Header-Heat up Problem

Aside from the chain problem in the header, the users also complained about the overheating problem of the header. This problem is often related to the header fluid.

Engine Overheating

Therefore, inspect the fluid, and if it is lower than the specified level, then topping it up should fix the problem.

On the other hand, if the fluid type is wrong, it can also cause this problem. Therefore, always use the fluid that the company recommends.

Aside from the oil case, you can also run into this problem if something is stuck in the header. Therefore, remove the object stuck in the header, and the problem will be fixed.

  1. Header Movement Problem

Many consumers of Macdon FD75 also mentioned that the header movement slows down with time. This problem can be frustrating to be diagnosed. Therefore, to address the reasons behind this problem, inspect the following things

  • Valves of the Header
  • Block
  • Pea Auger Connection
  • Oil
  • Filter

Therefore, to fix this problem, start inspecting the valves of the header. As we know, there are different kinds of valves in the header. Thus, adjust all of the valves, and the problem should fix.

On the other hand, if the valves are not the case and you are still stuck in this problem then all you need to do is to replace the Bosch block with the parker.

By doing this, the problem should fix. However, if you still face the header movement problem, check the pea auger connection and fix it if you find any problems.

Aside from the problem with the pea auger connection, the header can also slow down if the oil type is wrong.

Therefore, drain out the oil and fill it with the one recommended by the company. After doing all this, if you still face this issue, check the filter inside the header and replace it if it is blocked.

The filter is located behind the access panel. The users of the Macdon FD75 header also ran into the header movement problem due to the defective belts.

  1. Pea Auger Correction

Pea Auger Correction for the Macdon FD75 header can be done by loosening the pea auger cover bolts and rotating them to align with the header grooves. You must then re-tighten the pea-auger cover bolts.

If this does not correct any problems you are having with the Macdon FD75 header, then you should contact your local dealer to see what other pea auger correction methods can be used.

One common problem with the Macdon FD75 header is the improper alignment of the pea auger with the grooves in the header. This can often cause unwanted feeding of the pea auger, resulting in crop spillage.

Fortunately, several methods can be used to correct this problem. One option is to loosen the pea auger cover bolts and rotate the pea auger,  it is correctly aligned with the header grooves.

Once you have achieved the desired alignment, you should re-tighten the pea-auger cover bolts.

You may need to try a different method for correcting pea-auger alignment issues with your Macdon FD75 header.

For example, some dealers offer services such as hardware or hydraulics adjustments that a qualified technician can perform to help resolve the problem.

Contact The Dealer

If you are still experiencing problems with your Macdon FD75 header, it is important to contact your local dealer for further assistance.

They can provide additional recommendations to help address this issue and ensure that your pea auger is properly aligned with the grooves in your header.

With the right tools and expertise, you can resolve pea auger alignment issues and continue to enjoy the many benefits of your Macdon FD75 header.

  1. Noisy Header Problem

When there is no header control, the header may not work. At times bearing housing gets damaged and needs to be replaced. The bearings are available from manufacturers such as Macdon, John Deere, and Timberjack.

The header Inaccurately Resetting Problem is Another common issue when the header may not reset correctly. This problem typically occurs when a crop section is missed, resulting in an inaccurate header positioning.

While this issue can happen with any harvester, it is more common with Macdon headers because they have a single drive shaft and one main pivot point.


Moreover, the users of Macdon FD75 also complained about the excessive noise from the header. This problem is often caused if the belts are worn out.

You can also run into this problem if the moving parts of the header are dry. Therefore, to fix this problem, first, check the belts and replace them if you find any defects in the belts.

On the other hand, if the belts are not the reason contributing to this problem, then lubricating all the moving parts of the header will fix the problem.


Therefore, these problems pop up in the Macdon FD75 header. Thus, to fix these problems, read the detailed article given above.

On the other hand, if you still cannot diagnose the reasons contributing to the header problems, then all you need to do is contact the nearest working station experts, who will help you in your case.

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