Which Longest Pole Hedge Trimmer Should You Buy?

longest pole hedge trimmer
longest pole hedge trimmer

Trimmer is arguably one of the most useful machines that you can buy to manage your farm. There are many varieties of trimmers available on the market, each having its use. Nowadays, casual gardeners mostly rely on string trimmers to manage the weeds and edges of their garden. As long as you’re dealing with short weeds, a string trimmer is perfect, but if you’re planning on managing your hedges, then it’s better to buy a long pole hedge trimmer.

We have often noticed people arguing about the longest pole hedge trimmer on online forums. Let’s go over this topic briefly to cover the practicality of a long pole hedge trimmer.

Longest Pole Hedge Trimmer

Even though you can buy highly extended pol hedge trimmers from the market, the ideal height for a pole head trimmer should not be longer than 10 feet. So, 3 meters is the most extended hedge trimmer that you should use for your farm. Any longer than that, and you won’t be able to use the trimmer properly. Three meters is long enough, and you should be able to reach tall hedges without a problem. However, if your trimmer is longer than 10 feet, then it might be a better idea to get the height reduced.

Reducing the height to 10 feet will not only allow you to trim the hedges better, but you won’t get tired immediately under the weight of the trimmer. So, if you need to work long hours and deal with enormous hedges, try using a ladder to reach the top section. Other than that, you shouldn’t focus on increasing the trimmer’s height and leave the device as it is. That way, you won’t have to put extra strain on your body or the device while managing your farm.

Trimming huge hedges is a hard job and can take hours of work. So, you need a device that can be used efficiently without causing excessive physical strain. Using an extra-long pole hedge trimmer is not very productive and creates many issues in the long run.

If you’ve already made this investment and your trimmer is longer than 3 meters, then take it to an expert to reduce the height. Similarly, you can also exchange it from the store if the warranty is still valid. Hopefully, this information will help you decide the length of the trimmer for your garden.

To Conclude

The longest pole hedge trimmer that you should buy for managing hedges should be ten feet long. Going above ten feet would not only reduce productivity, but you will also have to deal with extensive physical strain. So, if you have enormous hedges, try using step ladders to trim hedges on your farm. Utilizing a ladder will not only provide you with better access to the top section, but you also won’t have to deal with the additional weight of a trimmer that is longer than ten feet.

There are many great models available in the market that can help you effectively manage all hedges. Make sure to get an expert opinion before investing in a long pole hedge trimmer. That way, you will better understand what trimmer would be better for your weekly management.

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