5 Most Common Kubota M5-111 DEF Problems

kubota m5-111 def problems
kubota m5-111 def problems

Tractors have long been used for agricultural purposes. They come with powerful engines that can work at slow speeds. Modern tractors are highly versatile and can perform a variety of farming tasks, be it plowing, tillage, or cultivating the soil.

They are even used for landscaping and construction, making them a must-have for farmers and construction workers.

Kubota is a household name in the agricultural industry. The company is renowned worldwide for manufacturing quality tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Based in Japan, Kubota came into being in 1890. Among all the tractors in the market, Kubota tractors stand out for their durability and fuel efficiency.

The Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor is one of Kubota’s most powerful diesel engines. It comes with a power capacity of about one hundred and five horsepower, making it an ideal option for all sorts of farming tasks.

Furthermore, it has three transmission options for the best farming experience.

Having said that, it goes without saying that no heavy equipment is perfect. They all show problems over time, which must be fixed for a smooth operation. This article outlines a few common issues you will likely face while using the Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor, along with their effective workarounds.

Troubleshooting Kubota M5-111 DEF Problems

Below are some common problems associated with the Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor.

  1. Replace The Current DEF With a New One

Replace The Current DEF With a New One

Diesel exhaust fluid, commonly known as DEF, is a mixture of deionized water and urea used in modern diesel engines to reduce air pollution. It is critical to a diesel engine as it improves your engine’s fuel efficiency. In addition, it ensures your engine’s safety and increases its power.

Like most modern diesel engines, the Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor also uses diesel exhaust fluid. It is recommended to replace this fluid now and then, or else you will start facing problems.

If your engine is running low on DEF, you will notice a significant drop in its power. And if you keep ignoring it, your Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor may even cease to work. So, keep an eye on its level and consider refilling it when needed.

Be mindful of putting the diesel exhaust fluid in the right tank. If you accidentally add it to the fuel tank, do not start your tractor. Even if you do, it will automatically shut down after a while and cause additional problems. Call a professional right away to avoid any issues.

When purchasing the diesel exhaust fluid, make sure to buy the best quality. Consider buying from a reputed dealer, and do not forget to read the customer reviews before purchasing it.

  1. Faulty Sensor

Faulty Sensor

Many users have complained about faulty sensors in the Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor. This tractor uses sensors to alert the users about any alarming situation. So, the sensors must be in good working condition to ensure your safety.

Consider reading the owner manual to locate the sensors. If they are damaged, you may need to replace your entire system. Consider hiring a mechanic to get it checked. They will inspect your tractor and do what needs to be done.

This may cost you a few bucks, but it will surely give you peace of mind. And yes, check to see if your Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor is in the warranty period. If it is, you may get it replaced while paying the least out of your pocket.

  1. DEF Problem in Winter

DEF Problem in Winter

This problem is not specific to the Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor only. If you own a tractor and live in a cold area, you’d know that it freezes in lower temperatures as it mainly consists of water.

Whether you store it in a container or put it into your tractor, it may freeze if the temperature drops below 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

The diesel exhaust fluid tends to expand when frozen, and if you have completely filled your tank, it may cause damage to your DEF tank. It is recommended to keep the tank less than full during cold periods.

And yes, if it has frozen, do not add any liquid or other additives to melt it. It may cause additional damage to your Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor.

There can be many solutions to avoid this problem, but the most effective is to install a DEF system that will create a heating effect so that the DEF does not freeze. Apart from that, consider parking your tractor in an insulated garage.

  1. Location of DEF Tank

Location of DEF Tank

It may sound weird, but the DEF tank is not placed correctly in the Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor. Kubota has manufactured dozens of well-engineered tractors and earned its name in the industry. Still, the location of DEF tanks in this particular model has disappointed the users big time.

While using the Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor, many users reported that it produces heat which damages the sensors. The only solution to alleviate this problem is to install a kit of insulation around your DEF tank. However, it is pertinent to mention that it won’t resolve the issue completely.

  1. Contact Customer Support

Contact Customer Support

If your Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor is not working smoothly, and you are not able to identify the reason, it would be best to contact customer support as soon as possible. They might be able to help you with troubleshooting the issue.

However, it is recommended to try these fixes mentioned above first. If none of them seems helpful, reach out to customer care service by Kubota.

The company offers exceptional customer care service, and your queries will soon be answered. Just visit the company’s website and fill out a form, and you will be contacted soon.

Final Thoughts

Kubota is known for manufacturing durable tractors, and the Kubota M5-111 DEF tractor is no exception. However, you may run into a few problems while using it.

DEF problems are quite common in these tractors. So, take a look at your DEF tank and make sure there is enough fluid. Consider storing your tractor in an insulated place to keep DEF from freezing. If the sensors have gone bad, consider checking your warranty period to cover its replacement cost.

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