3 Most Common Kubota KX080 4 Problems

kubota kx080 4 problems
kubota kx080 4 problems

It goes without saying that construction work is hectic and time-consuming. However, it could be easier with the right tools and equipment. The key to completing it efficiently is using the right equipment.

Also known as a digger, an excavator is among the most widely used construction equipment. Although it is mainly used for digging, it can perform a range of tasks, including demolition, mining, landscaping, and moving heavy objects.

It takes all the hassle from a construction project and helps you complete your project quickly.

Kubota is a famous company that manufactures machinery for agriculture, forestry, and construction. The company was established in 1890 and has been on a roll since then.

With its vast lineup of well-constructed excavators, it has staked its claim on the hearts of thousands of construction workers all over the world.

Among all the excavators offered by Kubota, the Kubota KX080 4 stands out for its unique features. It is among the most reliable excavator models in the market and delivers exceptional performance.

However, like any other construction equipment, the Kubota KX080 4 is not perfect, and you are likely to encounter a few problems while using this particular model.

But don’t worry! Most of these problems have easy fixes. This article will take you through some of the most common Kubota KX080 4 issues and their solutions.

Kubota KX080 4 Problems

Here are some common Kubota KX080 4 problems you will likely encounter.

  1. Compressor Noise

Compressor Noise

There have been many complaints about the compressor noise of the Kubota KX080 4. It is completely normal for an excavator to produce noise, and the noise produced by the Kubota KX080 4 excavator is usually quite manageable.

However, it can reach a deafening level sometimes, making it hard for you to work.

Like most other excavator models out there, the Kubota KX080 4 uses a hydraulic compressor to convert the hydraulic power into mechanical power and then mechanical power into air power.

The hydraulic pump in the compressor pushes the fluid into the motor, forcing the motor to spin.

To fix the compressor noise issue of the Kubota KX080 4, you’ll need to inspect the compressor bearings and mounting bolts. If you’re lucky, the fix will be as simple as replacing worn-out bearings installed in the compressor.

However, if you find out that the bearings are in good working condition, you’ll need to check the tension in the compressor mounting bracket. If the bolts holding the bracket are loose, the vibration will lead to excessive noise. Simply tighten up these bolts to resolve this issue.

If the bolts are fine, look at the compressor belt and make the proper adjustments. If the belt has slipped from its position, you must adjust its orientation to eliminate the noise problems. However, if the belt has worn out beyond repair, removing and replacing it is the only option.

  1. Wipers Not Working

Wipers Not Working

Apart from the compressor noise problem, wipers not working is another common Kubota KX080 4 problem. It may not seem like a severe issue, but resolving it could be difficult sometimes.

Start fixing this problem by inspecting the wiper motor and the fuse linked with the wiring cluster. More often than not, it’s a blown-out fuse that is causing this problem.

Most vehicles nowadays come with a fuse to protect their electric circuits. In case too much current flows in the circuit, fuses blow out to protect the vehicle. If a fuse is blown out, you will need to remove and replace it to fix the wipers.

Since fuses are widely used in vehicles, they are readily available across the globe. You can easily find one for your Kubota KX080 4 excavator at your nearby hardware store.

However, one thing to remember is that they come in different amperages. So, make sure to buy the appropriate one. If you are unsure about it, consider reading your excavator’s owner manual to find it out.

On the other hand, if the fuse is intact, there could be something wrong with the wiper motor. So, use an external power source to check the wiper motor. If it responds to the power source, it indicates that it is absolutely fine.

Otherwise, you will need to install a new motor to fix the wiper issue. Furthermore, check for any damaged or frayed wires, and if found, replace them.

In addition to that, the wiper arms can also rust over time, leading to this problem. If you have not serviced it in a long time, the chances are that the rust is causing this issue.

All you need to do is clean the rust from the wiper arms. Once you have cleaned it, engage the wiper arm to see whether it has fixed the problem or not.

  1. Air Conditioning Problems

Air Conditioning Problems

Many users have reported air conditioning problems in the Kubota KX080 4 excavator. Fixing this issue could be as simple as filling up the refrigerant in the unit. That will most probably fix the issue.

Apart from that, damaged wires and defective relays can also cause air conditioning problems in the Kubota KX080 4 excavator. Check all the components carefully to find the culprit. If any component has worn out, consider replacing it to resolve the air conditioning problems.

If you have inspected all the components and cannot identify the cause, it would be best to seek help from the Kubota customer care service. Kubota has an active customer care service to address its customers’ problems. Just explain your problem, and they will get in touch with you soon.

Furthermore, check to see if your unit is in the warranty period. If it is, you can get the components repaired or replaced for free.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The Kubota KX080 4 excavator is among the most reliable excavator models on the market. However, users have reported several problems while using it. Its compressor emits too much noise sometimes.

Air conditioning and wiper problems are also pretty common. We have discussed all these problems in detail, along with their causes and viable fixes. Consider contacting Kubota customer service if nothing fixes the problems.

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