4 Steps To Resolve John Deere Riding Mower Stopped Running

john deere riding mower stopped running
john deere riding mower stopped running

As we start talking about the lawnmowers, it’s obvious that we look for quality and John Deere is one of the most preferred choices. It’s obvious that the brand has a positive reputation but it doesn’t promise flawless performance. That’s to say because many people struggle with John Deere riding mower stopped running issue. In case your mower isn’t working either, we are sharing some inside details that might help out!

John Deere Riding Mower Stopped Running Issue

1. Gas

First of all, if you were using the riding mower and it stopped running, there are high chances that the mower has old gas. This is because the majority of these riding mowers are integrated with four-stroke engines but that doesn’t make them immune to the adverse impacts of using old gas. For instance, if the ethanol-based gas has been filled in the mower for a long time, there are high chances that it has already absorbed water which results in malfunctioning of the engine. In addition to stopping the mower, it can also damage the components of an engine.

2. Carburetor

When you use the riding mower, it’s pretty clear that the carburetor will keep running which makes it prone to damages. However, replacing the carburetor is an easy process (the repair is also possible but that’s not recommended because of it being a short-term solution). For the most part, the carburetor fails when there are impurities in the system and can also crack the casing. With constant usage, the carburetor will be clogged or dirty, halting the functionality. That being said, you must use a cleaning spray to clean these components to ensure they start working optimally. On the other hand, if the carburetor is not dirty, there are chances of ruptures and cracks impacting the performance. In either case, just replace it, and don’t forget to adjust it regularly as it helps regulate the fuel and air that enters the engine.

3. Filter

The riding mower is integrated with a fuel filter that helps keep the gas tank’s residues at bay and restricts them from entering the engine. Over the course of time, it will become clogged that will hinder the fuel from reaching the mower’s engine, particularly when the throttle is increased. As a result, the engine will shut down and the riding mower will stop running. In addition to this, a dirty filter will also result in engine death because the airflow is needed to optimize the combustion process. So, make sure that you clean the filter and replace it regularly to make sure dirt is not residing in your mower.

4. Spark Plug

Another reason behind the riding mower not running is a dirty spark plug. It is essential to change and replace the spark plug at least once a year. If you haven’t replaced the spark plug for a long time, you need to clean it right away and replace it at your earliest convenience.

If these troubleshooting methods don’t resolve the running issue of your John Deere mower, it’s essential to call customer support and have a professional technician handle the job.

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