The Capacities Of John Deere Refrigerant

john deere refrigerant capacities
john deere refrigerant capacities

John Deere is a company that manufactures machines for on-road and off-road purposes. Their machinery is bought by many people all over the world. People trust their product quality because they make tough machines that can adjust to any environment. Furthermore, they also provide air conditioning systems in their machines for enhancing the comfort level of the user.

Farmers work hard on daily basis without worrying about the temperature, as we know tractor cabins are quite hot without AC. Therefore, John Deere made it easier to work for them by providing an air conditioning cabin in their machines, which allows the farmers to work easily. However, users are worried about John Deere refrigerant capacities. Therefore, a complete guideline is provided below to help you in this case. We suggest that you should go through all the details mentioned below to get a clear idea.

John Deere Refrigerant Capacities 

A refrigerant is used in the John Deere air conditioning system that collects the hot air from the surroundings and recirculates it in the closed circuit to lower the temperature inside the cabin. Afterward, the cool air is blown into the cabin through the air-conditioning vents, which decreases the temperature inside the cabin. As a result, the cabin becomes cool and comfortable for the user to sit on hot or sunny days.  Talking about the refrigerant, it is in a gaseous-liquid state. An air conditioner will be productive if the amount of refrigerant is up to the specified level.

On the other hand, if the air conditioning system of the tractor is not working then it is uncomfortable to work in hot temperatures. Therefore, you should have basic knowledge about the working of the cabin air conditioning system. You should know that refrigerant oil is used in a very small amount just to lubricate the seals and the gasket and other moving parts of the compressor. Moreover, refrigerant oil is very special and can only be used for refrigeration purposes. Therefore, most experts suggest that you should purchase the oil with the most number of satisfactory reviews. It is because the products with good reviews are mostly of good quality.

Recommended Refrigerant

R-134a is the only refrigerant that is approved to be used in John Deere air-conditioning systems. As it is made up of tri-chloro-ethane that is why no chlorine atoms are found in this oil. As a result, it does not have any effect on the ozone layer and the atmosphere is safe. Moreover, for the better performance of the air-conditioner, always mix the refrigerant (R-134) with the PAG oil. It is because it mixes very well with the refrigerant and ideally lubricates the compressor for better productivity.

The Capacity of the Refrigerant

The capacity of refrigerant should be around about seven fifty liters and the capacity of PAG compressor oil should be approximately 250ml. However, both should be mixed for the better performance of the air-conditioning system. The capacity of the refrigerant also depends on the total vacancy of the vacuum inside the compressor. On the other hand, if you are not able to detect the capacity through the owner’s manual then try to consult the experts working in the nearest authorized dealership.


Therefore, it is concluded that R-134a is the correct and recommended refrigerant for the John Deere tractors. Hence, always use this refrigerant and mix it with PAG oil for better productivity. On the other hand, do not use an ester oil refrigerant. It is because it deteriorates the internal parts of the compressor.

Moreover, always use refrigerants that do not have chlorine as an ingredient because chlorine particles damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Furthermore, do not install the refrigerant without knowing the capacity of the compressor. It is because, if you add a lot of refrigerants then it can damage the compressor. On the other hand, if you add very little amount of refrigerant then the compressor will not work properly. As a result, the air conditioning system will not perform perfectly. Always take precautions while installing the refrigerant because it can cause serious injuries.

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