John Deere M Series vs R Series: What’s The Difference?

john deere m series vs r series
john deere m series vs r series

John Deere is a popular name in the field of agriculture and construction, thanks to the high-quality products it delivers all around the world. Every product by John Deere has its specific use, and it is manufactured with attention to detail.

A list of the products offered by John Deere at the consumer level includes diesel engines, forestry machinery, lawn equipment, drivetrains, financial services and whatnot. They have got every product for your farming needs and requirements.

Their tractors are popular all across the globe. A wide range exists in their series that are distinguished from each other on the basis of ground features. John Deere M series and R series are often compared with each other because of their high demand and use.

The equipment comparison of the John Deere M and R series in terms of their similarities and differences with each other reveals more about their individual critical features.

Features John Deere M Series John Deere R Series
Type Row-crop agricultural tractor Standard agricultural tractor
Length 110 inches 147 inches
Width 51 inches 79.5 inches
Height 56 inches 78.175 inches
Weight 2,600 pounds 7,603 pounds
Propulsion Rear wheels Rear wheels
Gross power 22 hp 47 hp
PTO power 20.45 hp 48.58 hp

John Deere M Series

John Deere M Series

John Deere M series is known for its efficiency and reliable performance. While handling heavy-duty lifting, they also provide you with the necessary control and comfort. These tractors are quite long-lasting because of their high-quality components and parts. You can definitely trust them with stability and power.

Regardless of how demanding the situations are, M series tractors have a job to give a supreme performance. The small size of these tractors helps in enhancing manoeuvrability . They are also prone to adding attachments like buckets. This makes them way more useful and adept at handling materials.

John Deere R Series

John Deere R Series

The R series has everything that a person demands from a tractor. Its Operations Center has enabled the users to keep their data in one place.

Besides, the agronomic insights of the users can make them take smarter actions and thus, increase their productivity. They can also make variable-rate prescriptions with the help of integrated tools.

What more does a user need than the all-around visibility accompanied by the comfort. You can check the corner post display to get to know about the important machine information and electronic instrumentation. The controls are pretty simple to use, and thus, you can carry out smooth operations.

The TLS sensor gives the input to check the level of oil in the shock absorber ram. The job of a cab suspension controller is to increase and decrease the oil amount whenever required. With the variable-ratio steering, you don’t have to move your hand around often. You can do the steering with minimum effort.

Similarities Between John Deere M Series And R Series

Although there are a lot of differences between the two series in terms of standard features, there also exists a similarity between the two when it comes to power and durability.

The design of both of these series is made considering the list of tasks they had to perform without disturbing the comfort of the operator.

John Deere M Series vs R Series

Comparison Between John Deere M Series And R Series

Many factors contribute to the differences between the M series and the R series. An important thing to consider is that the design of each of these pieces of equipment is made for a particular use. This makes the choice of a tractor easy for you.

A Brief Overview

John Deere M series best suits the needs of people looking for a tractor that performs excellent while it is economical. The frequent use of M series tractors lies in commercial and municipal operations. The versatility of these tractors makes them much more useful than the other series.

They flaunt all the necessary features of a highly functional tractor. M series tractors find their use in handling heavy materials and ploughing snow.

As far as the R series of John Deere is concerned, they are known for their highest power. It’s not just the tractors of this series that are immensely powerful, but the same goes for the rest of the machinery as well.

The incredible power of the R series might confuse you with discomfort. That’s not the case. They are quite comfortable.


Farming equipment is chosen considering what features they have to offer. Both the John Deere M series and the R series have a large number of excellent features and accessible options. But there is a little difference that sets the two series apart.

Although the M series doesn’t lack in any department, still R series have more compelling features to present. No matter how heavy the task is, they are bound to complete it.

The credit goes to their design and making. Talking about the M series, they are as efficient as a piece of equipment can get. Performing the normal tasks with ease is a breeze for them.

Engine And Horsepower

Engine And Horsepower

The horsepower of the M series ranges from 105-170hp. On the other hand, there is a little more power from the R series as their range is 105-215hp.

As far as the engines are concerned, the M series and R series run on John Deere PowerTech engines that are 4.5- and 6.8 litres. The power bulge feature in both series enables the engines to produce instant responses whenever the horsepower requirements are changed.

For the support and protection of the engines, a steel frame is used that fights the stresses, promotes the resistance and brings more efficiency to the service processes.



The cost of the R series is definitely high because they have a wide range of capabilities and features. They also perform better in the field when compared with the M series. No pricing competition is observed between the two.

The budget of the R series is pretty high. M series is a piece of affordable equipment that can get your daily tasks done with ease.


People who want a high performing tractor while staying within budget restrictions must opt for the John Deere M series. On the other hand, the R series is suitable for performing high demanding tasks that the basic tractors are unable to do.

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