3 Reasons For Hydrangea Tree Not Leafing Out

Hydrangea Tree Not Leafing Out
Hydrangea Tree Not Leafing Out

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers that have over 75 species that people can select from. All of these are perennial flowering plants but depending on the species, these can either be planted as small flowers, shrubs, or even large trees. The tree variants can usually grow about 7 to 16 feet tall, but this mostly depends on how much people take care of them. With that being said, it can be important the trees are kept in optimal spots so that they can stay healthy and last users a long time.

The flowers on the plant only bloom from spring to fall but the leaves on them will last you the entire year. These are amazing species to plant but there are also some issues that people can run into with them. A common problem that has been recently reported is that the hydrangea tree is not leafing out. If you are getting the same problem, then understanding why this might be happening can be important. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common reasons as well as steps that can be used to fix them.

Hydrangea Tree Not Leafing Out

  1. Condition Of Trunk

If you notice that the leaves of your hydrangea tree are not growing, then this can be quite worrisome. This is because the plant is supposed to leaf out throughout the year and the only reason why these might not grow can be that there is something wrong with it. Talking about this, one of the most common reasons behind this problem is having a trunk that has gotten damaged.

There are numerous ways that this can happen which include someone accidentally attacking or cutting the truck as well as this getting infested by pests. Depending on what has caused the problem, people should take care of it as soon as possible. If the issue is from a pest infestation, then there are tons of brands that manufacture pesticides.

These are chemicals made to kill insects like these within a few days at most. The only thing that you need to confirm is that the pesticides being bought will work with our hydrangea tree. Some products can damage the tree instead which is why being careful is important. Other than this, one more thing that people can do is plant companion plants along their hydrangea tree.

These should be flowers that don’t require much sunlight as they will be kept under shade. Additionally, the flowers should be pest repellants so that these insects can be kept away from the tree at all times without requiring any pesticides.

  1. Location Where Hydrangea Tree Is Planted

When growing hydrangea trees, people should carefully check the location where they are trying to plant this. This is because the tree requires long hours of sunlight every day to keep itself healthy. This being in low quantity can easily cause the tree to get weak and cause issues like these.

The optimal amount of light required is usually around 6 hours which is easily manageable if you plant the tree carefully. As long as the tree gets the amount of sunlight required then it can easily grow new leaves and sustain itself for a long time. This can usually last you a decade or even more if taken care of. People should understand that this can only be done once the tree has been recently planted as trying to move it after it has grown can be impossible.

  1. Lack Of Nutrients

If the hydrangea tree in your garden has already been planted but it is not getting the amount of light required to keep it healthy then your problem is most likely from a lack of nutrients. When it comes to this, people can either try changing the location of their tree but if this is not possible. Then the next solution that they can go with is adding fertilizers to the soil.

The brand that you decide to get the product from will play a huge role in how the growth of your plant is affected. Hence, choose the fertilizers pack carefully so that it can fix the problem you were getting. These should also be added after every 4 weeks and the soil around your tree should be kept moist for the best results.

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