5 Fixes For Hydrangea Not Looking Good

Hydrangea Not Looking Good
Hydrangea Not Looking Good

Hydrangeas or also sometimes known as hortensia is a famous genus of flowering plants that is native to America and Asia. Although, the flower has spread all around the world because of how beautiful it is. There are a total of 75 species available currently, but seed companies are working on making new hybrids. The unique shape and color options on the flower make them look beautiful when planted in your gardens.

Additionally, the plant requires next to no maintenance which makes it a great option for beginners. People should understand that while these flowers are beautiful there are also some issues that they can run into. Recently people growing hydrangea have reported that these are not looking good. When it comes to this, there are several reasons why your flowers might not be looking as they should. Hence, we will be using this article to provide you with information regarding this along with ways that can be used to fix the problem.

Hydrangea Not Looking Good

  1. Black Spots Forming On Hydrangea Leaves

One common issue that people notice is that small black spots start forming on their hydrangea leaves. When it comes to this, there are two main reasons why this problem can be found. One of these includes the plant getting too much sunlight. If that’s the case, then simply changing the position of your flowers should fix the problem.

On the other hand, the issue can also be from a fungal disease caught by the plant due to excess rainfall. In this case, the only solution that people can go with is using fungicides on their hydrangea. Keep in mind that the issue takes some time to get fixed treating it quickly is essential as the fungus can spread to your entire garden.

  1. Flowers Turning Brown

Sometimes the flowers in your hydrangea plant can start turning brown instead of their beautiful blue or pinkish shade. If this happens then the main reason behind this issue is the lack of sunlight. People should understand that hydrangeas are flowers that love long hours of sunlight every day.

Hence, keeping the plant in a location where it can get about 4 to 6 hours of light can be important. This not only helps in keeping the flowers healthy but also ensures that there is a lot more blooming in your garden.

  1. Leaves Forming Small Holes Inside Them

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers but noticing small holes forming on their leaves can be quite annoying. When it comes to this, the main reason behind the problem is that your plant might have gotten infested by pests. This is quite common as the sweet scent of hydrangea attracts insects that eat its leaves.

The small holes are bite marks that indicate the issue so that it can be taken care of quickly. Adding pesticides to the plant is a great and quick way of getting rid of the infestation. However, if you are looking for a permanent fix then planting companion flowers that can repel pests is another great option.

  1. Hydrangea Not Blooming

Sometimes people might notice that their hydrangea stops growing flowers. This usually happens when the plant is not getting all the nutrients required by it. People can try changing the location of their flowers to a spot where they can get more sunlight.

However, this does not work in areas that have colder weather throughout the year. In this case, users should add fertilizers to the soil of their hydrangeas instead. This helps in ensuring that your flowers get all the nutrients required to keep them healthy and for them to grow new flowers.

  1. Color Of Flowers Not Changing

Finally, one more issue that people have with the look of their hydrangeas is their color. This can sometimes be blue or pink which confuses people as they might be looking for a different shade. When it comes to this, you should understand that the color on the petals of these flowers changes according to the condition of the soil they are planted in.

Blue petals indicate that the soil is acidic while a pink shade means that it is alkaline. People can add fertilizers according to change the color of the petals of these flowers while also keeping them healthy at all times.

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