What To Do If Hydrangea Is Not Getting Enough Sun

hydrangea not getting enough sun
hydrangea not getting enough sun

Gardening is a fun hobby that is enjoyed by people for numerous reasons. You can simply have a pleasurable experience planting new types of flowers that make your garden look attractive. Alternatively, you might be planting herbs or flowers that give your house a unique aroma. People can even grow vegetables and fruits that can be harvested once the plants are in season. Hence, there is a wide variety of choices that you can select from, and these mostly depend on your personal preferences and taste.

However, there are also some problems that you can run into when growing flowers. Hydrangea is a widely cultivated flowering plant that is quite easy to maintain. But recently users have been reporting that their hydrangea is not getting enough sun. If you are getting the same problem in your garden, then going through this article should help you out. This is because we will be providing you with all the information required regarding this query as well as tips on how the plant can be kept healthy.

Hydrangea Not Getting Enough Sun

Hydrangea flowers are some of the easiest to maintain plants as these don’t require much maintenance. Although, this usually depends on the region you have planted the flowers in. Hydrangea is native to America and Asia, hence, the temperatures that it thrives in are usually cool ranging from fall to spring freezes. Keeping this information in mind, if you think that your hydrangea is not getting enough sun then there are some things that you should check first.

The plant usually requires about 4 hours of sunlight every day which is more than enough for it. This is why it is mostly recommended that you keep your flowers in partial shade if not total shade. As long as the plant is getting a few hours of sunlight every day, it should stay healthy without any problems. Some factors that you can look out for in your flower include its blooming as well as the color of its leaves. Both of these can help in confirming if the problem you are getting is from a lack of sunlight or not.

In most cases, the flowers on your hydrangea will stop blooming if the plant is not receiving enough light. Even if it has buds formed on it, these will not pop out as a few hours of sunlight is required to do so. Other than this, the color of the leaves should start changing from dark green to a lighter shade. If this is happening, then people can try changing the location of their plant to someplace where it can get more light. Keep in mind that this can be quite annoying which is why it is better that you only test one flower first. The best way to do this is by moving your hydrangea flower inside a pot.

Now observe the flower for some time and if it starts blooming when placed under sunlight then you should move all of your plants to another spot. On the other hand, if you notice that the leaves on your hydrangea have started forming small black spots then this means that the plant is getting too much sunlight. In this case, you should move your flowers to a spot where it gets fewer hours of light. You can even place a shade over the plants to keep them protected from sunlight.

Keeping Hydrangea Healthy

Now that you understand how to check if your plant is receiving enough sunlight or not. Some users might ask how they can keep their hydrangea healthy if it is kept away from light. When it comes to this, people should note that the plant mostly takes its nutrients from the soil it is planted in. This is why it is much more essential that you use fertilizers on your soil so that the plant can be kept healthy.

The soil should also be watered every week at least as it should stay moist at all times. This helps the roots in taking out nutrients easily so that the plant can be kept healthy. The quality of fertilizer being used is important as the better product you have, the longer its effects will last. People have to still use the fertilizers every month as their nutrients get consumed by the hydrangea flowers within a few weeks.

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