How To Stop Weeds Growing Through Pebbles? (Guide)

how to stop weeds growing through pebbles
how to stop weeds growing through pebbles

One of the most vexing challenges that beginners have to face is dealing with weeds growing through pebbles. It can be pretty discouraging to see weeds growing through pebbles after you spend days landscaping your backyard. Moreover, these weeds keep sprouting from different locations if you don’t do anything about this problem. So, if you’re struggling with weeds growing through pebbles, then let us help you with a few methods that might just be the solution to your issues. Follow the techniques mentioned below to stop weeds from growing through pebbles.

How To Stop Weeds Growing Through Pebbles?

If there are a lot of weeds coming out through the pebbles, then your first step should be to remove them. You can use different methods to remove the weeds, and once the weeds are entirely removed from the pebbles, we can move towards prevention methods. So, to start, use boiling water or weed killer on your pebbles to kill the weeds. It will take some time, but the weeds should die out in about two weeks. It might even take three weeks in some cases, so be patient while dealing with this problem.

After removing all the weeds from your garden, remove the pebbles and add a layer of sand beneath the pebbles. You can also use plastic or landscaping fiber to avoid this problem. All you’re looking for is some insulation between the pebbles and the ground beneath. So, depending upon your budget and garden layout, you can choose either one of these methods to create insulation between the two surfaces.

Once the insulation layer has been laid down, you can now put in your pebbles. Just make sure that you thoroughly cover the structure with enough pebbles. The thicker the layer, the harder it will be for the weeds to grow through pebbles. So, you should aim for around 2 to 4 inches of pebbles above the insulation or the landscaping fiber. Now, this thick layer of sand and pebbles will discourage the growth of weeds through pebbles.

Following this method can be somewhat time-consuming, but we assure you that the result will be worth it. We suggest hiring an extra pair of hands or asking one of your friends to help you with the landscaping. That way, you will deal with this problem easily. Also, you won’t have to deal with weeds growing through pebbles again.

To Conclude

Weeds Growing through pebbles can be pretty annoying when you have spent days creating the layout. To fix this problem, you need first to remove the weeds through organic or chemical methods. Ensure that the roots are destroyed and there are no traces of weeds left in the garden. After that, you can move forward with the insulation method.

Once you have finished removing the weeds, you need to add a three-inch-thick layer of sand under the pebbles to create insulation. This layer will discourage weed growth by blocking the sunlight. After adding in your sand, you can top off with the pebbles, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with weeds through pebbles again.

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