5 Handy Ways To Stop Goats From Eating Plants?

how to stop goats from eating plants
how to stop goats from eating plants

Goats love eating plants and flowers as this is their only food to survive on. This means the destruction of the plants as they are ruined by goats from continuously eating them. it also means that all the hard work done to grow the plant goes in vain. Due to this, many people are questioning how to stop goats from eating plants. Therefore, we are here to provide you with some tips and tricks that you can follow to stop the goats from eating plants. We hope that you find them helpful. Let’s begin.

How To Stop Goats From Eating Plants?

1. Fencing The Plants

The easiest way to keep the goats away from your plants and stop them from eating the plants and flowers is simply by applying a barrier between the goats and the plants. There are several things that can be used as a barrier to guard the plants and protect them from the goats. Fencing the plants with the help of woven wires or wood is more effective as the goats are really smart and can jump or break the fence. It is also highly recommended that you make a fence of about 6 to 7 feet to make sure that the goats do not jump the fence and eat the plants.

2. Spray Deterrent

You can also use spray deterrents to stop the goats from eating your beautiful and elegant plants. However, make sure that the spray deterrent you use is not harmful to your plants as well as the goats. The spray deterrent is easily available at any store nearby and online too.

3. Use Cow Dung

You can also try the old method of using cow dung to stop the goats from eating the plants. The goats do not like the smell of cow dung. As a result, it will keep the goats away from the plants. However, this method comes with its drawbacks. The method is not suitable for all types of plants, especially vegetable plants. However, if you cannot apply the dung to the plant directly, you can use the fencing to guard the particular plant.

4. Use A Goat Muzzle

You can also use a goat muzzle to stop the goat from eating unnecessary food. They are mostly used to stop the goats from eating unsupervised food. It prevents the goat from biting, chewing, and eating any food that is not supervised. Also, it is not considered unsafe as well as inhumane.

5. Grow Plants Disliked By The Goats

There are certain plants that are disliked by goats and they avoid eating them. Some of these plants include lavender, mullein, salal, nightshade, and sage. The goats do not like the taste as well as the smell of these plants. If you grow such plants then the goats will avoid all the plants nearby and do not eat them. this is because they will smell the scent of these plants and decide to stay away from the rest of the plants as well.

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