How To Spread Gravel By Hand: Possible Steps

how to spread gravel by hand
how to spread gravel by hand

Depending upon the size of your garden, heavy machinery can prove to be a lot useful while updating the layout. Otherwise, it can take hours and sometimes days to make minor adjustments to your garden. Gravel can be very useful for a park for decorative as well as drainage purposes.

Several people have mentioned issues with spreading graved without heavy machinery. If you also have to deal with tons of gravel without heavy machinery, let us help you spread gravel by hand. It might not be as efficient, but at least you will get the task done.

How To Spread Gravel by Hand- Is it Possible?

If you don’t have any heavy machinery to spread the gravel, it will surely take several hours to get the task done. Depending upon the size of your project, it can take days to spread gravel by hand. To get started with this project, you should get yourself a shovel and a wheelbarrow to spread the gravel. If all the gravel is gathered in one location, use the shovel to fill up the wheelbarrow.

You want to use this method to create a line across the length of the driveway or the garden.  After making the line across the size of the driveway, you can then quickly spread out the gravel by using the shovel. This method is relatively straightforward, but it will still take you a lot of time to complete the whole area. To save time, we suggest that you seek help from your neighbors or other family members to minimize the time.

It is a lot of hardware, and if you are not up to the task, you can always hire a landscaping service provider to take care of the gravel. They will bring the necessary machinery to get rid of all the gravel. Moreover, the driveway will look far more attractive when the job is done by a trained professional. So, if you don’t mind spending a few bucks on the beauty of your driveway, call a landscaping service immediately.

Some farmers also like using animals to help with spreading the gravel. So, if you have any horses on your farm, then you can make a custom curt just to spread out the gravel. The job will be done much sooner, and you won’t have to worry about these kinds of issues again.

To Conclude

Spreading gravel by hand can be quite a difficult task. However, using a shovel and a wheelbarrow can make your job easier. If the gravel is dumped in one location, you should use a wheelbarrow to spread the gravel along the length of the driveway. Then you can just use the shovel to extend this line of gravel and even it out afterward.

You’ll be done in a few hours tops if you have enough people to help you out. However, it would still be better if you can hire a landscaping company to help you out. The job will be done faster, and your driveway will look far better if the job is done professionally.

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