How To Revive Cilantro (Quick Guide)

how to revive cilantro
how to revive cilantro

In most situations, gardeners can easily revive their plants as long as the damage has not spread to the roots. The situation becomes quite tricky once the damage spreads to the roots. This is why experts recommend that you manage the watering schedule and the potting mixture accordingly to avoid damage to the plant roots. Recently many people have been asking for tips on how to revive cilantro. If you’re also struggling with a similar problem, then let’s cover how you can go about reviving cilantro in your house.

A Quick Guide on How To Revive Cilantro 

Before moving on to the revival methods, you have first to identify the source of the problem that is affecting your plant. Most often than not, the reason behind cilantro wilting and turning yellow can be traced back to extended exposure to sunlight. If your plant is outdoors and you don’t manage the sunlight exposure, then that is likely why you’re struggling to revive the plant.

To fix this problem, all you need to do is bring the plant inside. Then, put it close to a window. That way, you will limit the exposure to direct sunlight, and the plant will have time to recover. To boost the recovery process, you can add in a bit of compost. Also, remove any of the parts that seem severely damaged. Both of these methods help the plant recover. You don’t have to worry about wilted cilantro plants in your home either.

If the issue with your cilantro plant was not related to extensive exposure, then you will need to look at the potting mixture. Check the water supply as well. If the potting mixture does not drain properly and you keep supplying excess water to the plant, then it can also lead to wilting problems. To revive the plant, you can limit the water supply and try to create drainage holes in the container. That should boost the recovery process for your cilantro.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling to manage the harvested cilantro, then you can revive it rather quickly. All you need to do is give your cilantro a cold bath, and it will come back to life quickly. You don’t have to do anything else. Just a few minutes in the cold bath is enough to manage the cilantro over the long run. Hopefully, this helps you manage your cilantro plant as well as the harvested herbs in your garden.

To Conclude

To revive the cilantro plant, you will have to manage the water supply as well as the direct sunlight exposure. Make sure that both of these factors are kept in moderation, and the potting mixture is draining well. You won’t have to do anything else, and the plant will recover soon after you’ve managed the environmental conditions.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling to revive harvested cilantro herb, then you will just have to give it a cold bath. Usually, a few minutes into the cold bath should help revive the herbs. So, grab a container and put in some cold water along with harvested cilantro.

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