How To Repot Herbs – Discussing the Best Methods

how to repot herbs
how to repot herbs

Herbs are somehow pretty great to be planted. Some herbs are used for their odor, some for their natural health benefits, and whatnot. There is more to them than the odor and that is why herbs are one of the most useful kinds of plants that one can get.

Also, they are pretty delicate and small in size, and self-growing most of the time. That would make it harder for you if you want to grow these herbs in your garden, or you want to pot them one way or another. However, repotting is a technique that might come in handy for such plants that you might want to such as herbs.

Learning How to Repot Herbs

Is it possible?

If you are wondering about repotting the herbs and thinking about the possibility. It is a process that requires great attention due to the delicate nature of these herbs that you can get out there in the market. However, it is entirely possible and you are going to have the desired results as well if you do it right.

You just need to take care of a few aspects while repotting the herbs such as the moisture in soil, watering routine, and the nature of the specific herb that you are dealing with and that will help you get the perfect idea about what is needed to be done in order to make it happen. The process that you need to follow to repot the herbs is also of key importance, and a few things that you need to know are:

How to Achieve this?

First of all, you need to consider the depth of the pot that you are choosing to repot the herbs. It should be optimally the same depth, and if you are unable to find a pot that has the same width as your current pot, you will need to get a pot that is no deeper than two inches than your current pot. The depth matters a lot for the roots to be able to draw out nutrition from the soil, that is why you need to ensure that you are doing it right and not messing it up.

After that, you will also need to consider the width of the pot as a pot that is too large can cause overgrowth on the roots that would not be good for your plants at all. Once you find the right pot, you need to choose some soil that has good drainage and will not cause you to have such problems with water standing in.

Then, you just need to carefully dig out the herb from the current place that it is planted and then move it to the other pot. Before you do that, you need to pour the soil you got in the pot and make a hole in the center for the roots of your herb to adjust. Afterward, you can lightly cover it with the soil and water it regularly for the herb to start growing in the new pot.

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