How To Replace A Brake Chamber Diaphragm?

how to replace a brake chamber diaphragm
how to replace a brake chamber diaphragm

There are plenty of different components that have to be inspected before operating heavy machinery. It can be potentially dangerous for the person to operate heavy machinery before verifying the integrity of its components. Moreover, the machine can suffer lasting damage if issues are not resolved immediately.

Recently many owners have inquired about whether or not it’s possible to replace a brake chamber diaphragm. This is why we will be covering how to replace a brake chamber diaphragm. So, if you’re also having trouble with the brake chamber then the following information might be useful.

How To Replace a Brake Chamber Diaphragm?

Even though it is possible to replace a brake chamber yourself, we would suggest that you leave this job to an expert. It is very easy for inexperienced people to get injured if they are not sure about what they are doing. So, if you’re not confident in your experience then leave this job to a professional. However, if you have done similar projects in the past then here is how you can replace a brake chamber diaphragm.

To start the replacement process, you will need to cage the spring. You can do that by removing the rubber cover from the top and inserting the cage bolt. You have to ensure that the teeth of the bolt are engaged. If you don’t do this step properly then the spring can shoot the top cover of the brake chamber as you loosen the clamp. The top cover can also injure you if you’re standing in its direct path. So, make sure that the bolt is tightened before removing the clamp from the brake chamber.

The rest of the process is quite simple after removing the clamp from the side of the brake chamber. You can just remove the top half easily and install the new rubber diaphragm in the brake chamber. After the new diaphragm is in place, you can put everything back into place and that should fix your brake chamber. If you follow every step carefully, then it will save you hundreds of dollars.

You will just have to buy the diaphragm replacement for a few dollars and then install it yourself in the brake chamber. Make sure to tighten the clamp around both halves of the brake chamber to avoid issues in the future. That is nothing more that you have to do but again, if you’re not confident in your skills then it is better to call a mechanic.

To Conclude

Replacing the diaphragm in the brake chamber is possible but it can be potentially dangerous. If you’re not experienced in these types of projects then just spend a few dollars and take your vehicle to a workshop. But if you are sure that you can do it, then you will have to start by caging the spring with the help of a bolt.

After that, you can remove the top half of the brake chamber to access the old rubber diaphragm. Take out the old diaphragm and put the new one in its place. Put the top half of the cover back on the diaphragm and tighten the clamp. That should get your brake chamber working again.

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