How To Prune A Boston Fern In The Best Way

how to prune a boston fern
how to prune a boston fern

Pruning your plants after every few weeks can help you maintain more control over the growth and size of the plant. It has more resources to frow better extensions as you remove the dead leaves and branches from the plant. However, if you don’t prune them correctly, it can be somewhat damaging for the plant. So, to ensure maximum growth, it is necessary to prune the plant according to its requirements. Some gardeners have recently asked this question about how to prune a Boston fern. Let us go over this topic briefly to give you a better understanding.

How To Prune a Boston Fern? 

Before pruning the Boston Fern, it is better to move it outdoors to avoid creating a mess inside your home. Overall, pruning this plant is not that complicated, and you just need a few sharp gardening tools or scissors to prune this plant. While pruning this plant, you need to remove old and discolored stems or leaves to allow new branches to grow. A lot of people make this mistake and start randomly removing the leaves off of their Boston Fern.

You should only remove the yellowish-brown parts and don’t seem as fresh compared with other parts of the plant. While removing these discolored parts, you should always make sure to remove the leaves from the base. It won’t do you much good to trim the leaves from the top. So, after grabbing some sharp scissors, you need to trace a discolored branch back to the base of the plant and cut it. Repeat this process as you go around the whole plant.

When you have gotten rid of all the excess and discolored branches, you should remove the leaves stuck in the Boston Fern. Now, you just need to add a bit of compost to the base and water the plant to encourage the growth of new leaves and branches. If done correctly, your Boston Fern will come out looking better than ever. However, if you’re not confident in your abilities, you can always hire an expert to help you.

Boston Fern is a plant that thrives in somewhat cooler temperatures and moisture. It can’t stand excessive heat, and the plant will start turning yellow if you don’t meet the environmental requirements. So, if you’re running into this problem often, prune the yellow parts and move the plant to your garage or somewhere with cooler air.

To Conclude

Pruning Boston fern is not that complicated. All you need is some sharp tools to get started with the process. You just need to remove the dead leaves and branches from the base of the plant to free up resources for new leaves. Make sure to use a sharp tool and avoid pulling on the leaves to remove them.

After the pruning is done, you can just put the plant back and watch the new leaves grow. If you are unsure about the pruning method, then try referring to your local gardening expert. He will let you in on techniques that will speed up the process and make it more efficient.

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