4 Methods To Protect Sunflowers From Birds

how to protect sunflowers from birds
how to protect sunflowers from birds

Sunflowers need to have the right protection at all stages. Whether they might be seedlings and in the early stage of growth or fully grown into mature flowers with the seeds in them. The birds are always at the prey to eat either the sprouts, the leaves on the flowers and plants, and whatnot.

So, you will need to ensure that you know how to protect your sunflowers from birds and to ensure that they are getting the perfect safety that is required to see them through the harvesting maturity. A few things to know about it are given below.

How to Protect Sunflowers From Birds

1. Protective Covers

Protective covers or mesh is a great way to keep the sunflowers from birds. You need to ensure that the cover you are using is transparent for the sunlight to pass as sunflowers need a lot of sunlight to grow optimally. If you are using a mesh, it should have small pores so the birds cannot pass through them, but large enough for the light to go through properly as that will ensure the best growth for sunflowers and will also be keeping your flowers and plants from the bird to ensure you can have them grown perfectly as you would prefer. This could be the best thing for your plants to be secure from any sort of birds feeding at them.

2. Plant Some Sacrificial Plants

Another way to save your sunflowers is to plant some sacrificial plants around them so the birds can eat them up and that will help you to ensure that the sunflowers are kept safe and the birds cannot damage them. Sacrificial plants with attractive colors or flowers might be the best thing that you can get for the sunflower garden and the birds are going to love being feeding on them leaving your sunflowers alone.

3. Spread Some Bird Food

Another good way to ensure that the sunflowers are kept safe is to spread some bird food so the birds are attracted to that instead of your sprouts and sunflowers. You just have to make sure that the birds can see the food like seeds or other grains that you are spreading for them. Not only that, but you will also need to be careful about the distance and spread those seeds considerably away from your sunflowers.

This is so that doesn’t cause the birds to be attracted to your sunflowers instead and you might end up hurting the flowers. Wheat grains, chia seeds, and some other such seeds are popular for birds to eat and you will need them.

4. Scarecrow

Scarecrow is not only for crows, but it can be used to scare away all sorts of birds. It might be a bit older if you think but it might be the perfect thing that you are going to need to keep the birds away without having any problems at all. It is pretty easy to make a scarecrow and it wouldn’t require much maintenance at all to ensure that the plants are safe.

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