How to Prevent Wood Bees From Nesting In 4 Easy Ways

how to prevent wood bees from nesting
how to prevent wood bees from nesting

Carpenter bees, also most commonly known as carpenter bees are the bees that are notorious for making nests inside the wood and burrow in hard planted materials like bamboo or dead woods.

This can be quite troublesome for you if you have to take care of the plants as not only it will cause you to have holes inside the wood but most importantly the infestation keeps on growing and it can cover up all the plants and trees in your garden. So, a few things that you can try if you’re looking to learn how to prevent wood bees from nesting in your garden are listed below.

How to Prevent Wood Bees From Nesting: Ways to Achieve This

1. Bee Repellents

There are certain bee repellents that you can use to get rid of them. If you are dealing with some trees or plants that bear fruits and you intend on consuming those fruits, you will have to make sure that you are not using some toxic bee repellents or pesticides available in the market.

The best thing is that you can make such solutions at home which are non-toxic as well. They are going to serve you perfectly while dealing with the wood bees. So, all you will need to do is mix some citrus oil or almond oil with water. Then, spray it around the bee nest. You can also spray it directly inside the nest and that will be helping you out perfectly in ensuring that there are no such problems that you will have to worry about.

2. Make Some Noise

Another great method that you can use is to play some loud music or have a constant noise around the nest for a few days. These bees are highly allergic to any sort of noise that might be there. If there is noise around their nest, they will leave the place for good. That might be a great choice for you if you are not living in a populated area. Through this, you will effectively be getting rid of the wood bees as well.

3. Burn the Waste

If you have some of those dead plants, rotten leaves, or any other sort of wood lying around that you might not need, you will have to get rid of that to effectively make sure that the bees are not nesting around the place. These dead woods can be the favorite hideout for these nesting bees. So, you will need to ensure that you are not having some of them lying around the place. This is to ensure that these bees cannot hurt your garden.

4. Pesticides

There are also a lot of pesticides available in the market. If you have these wood bees nested in your bamboos or dead wood around the garden with no fruits or edible parts, you can use these. You can spray those pesticides to kill all such bees. They are not going to nest around your garden afterward. This will also be stopping the infestation greatly for you.

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