How To Keep Tulips Bulbs for Next Year? 

how to keep tulips bulbs for next year
how to keep tulips bulbs for next year

There is something special about tulips that we all love. They are simple yet beautiful and have bold colors. They have been used for decoration throughout history and are also a great gift for every occasion. They symbolize love and care and have been a popular romantic flower across many cultures.

Whether it is their incredible diversity or beautiful shape, there are many reasons why tulips are favorite flowers for many people.

So, if you are a nature lover and the points mentioned above have sparked an interest in your mind, it is important to have the right knowledge about their growing process.

The idea of storing tulip bulbs has always been confusing for homeowners. If you are just getting started with gardening, it could leave you scratching your head.

So, how to keep tulip bulbs for next year? Today, we aim to debunk all the myths around tulip bulbs and discuss everything you need to know about tulip bulbs storage. Let’s begin!

How To Keep Tulips Bulbs for Next Year?

How To Keep Tulips Bulbs for Next Year

Keeping tulip bulbs preserved over the year is a relatively straightforward affair. You won’t have to rely on any special gardening tool or refrigeration unit to keep them in pristine condition.

The process is pretty simple if you have know-how with gardening. Follow these simple steps to keep tulip bulbs for next year.

  1. Start the process by evaluating the foliage on top of the plant. If the foliage is in perfect condition, there is no need to take the tulip bulbs out of the soil. They are not ready, and you will have to give them a few more days for the foliage to die out.
  2. Once the foliage is removed from the top of your plants, dig up the tulip bulbs using a sharp gardening tool. These tools are readily available in the market, and you can also purchase them online. However, be careful while digging, or else you may end up damaging the sensitive bulbs.
  3. Now that you have removed the tulip bulbs give them a good cleaning. Take a cloth and clean all the dust particles. This will help you expedite the drying process that can otherwise take up to several weeks.
  4. Now, give your tulip bulbs some time to dry out completely. Once they dry up, you are good to go! Put them in a container to store them for the next year. And yes, check to see the moisture content in the tulip bulbs and make sure that it is minimal. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before your lovely tulip bulbs start rotting.
  5. Now, you can put your tulip bulbs in a paper bag. It is recommended to keep the bag in the dark and cool place for the best result. Some gardeners prefer storing them in a basement, which has shown great results. Voila! Just wait for the next year to take out the bulbs from the bag and plant them in your green yard.

Like most other flower bulbs, tulip bulbs can be kept for around a year before planting if stored and taken care of properly. Before planting them, check how they feel. They should feel heavy and plump- not too hard or soft. If they are not in good condition, consider replacing them.

Can You Keep Tulip Bulbs in the Ground?

Can You Keep Tulip Bulbs in the Ground

Yes, it is okay to keep tulip bulbs in the ground, even during winters. Most tulip species require a cold inactive period to bloom to their fullest in spring. Of course, they cannot receive it naturally in regions with higher temperatures.

This cold dormancy period is crucial for the tulips’ growth, and it must last for at least eight weeks, or else you won’t see proper growth.

Can Hard Freeze Kill Tulips?

Can Hard Freeze Kill Tulips

Most homeowners often wonder whether a hard freeze damages tulips or not. Although tulips are pretty immune to cool temperatures, it is seen that temperatures below 29 degrees Fahrenheit are not suitable for them.

Too low temperatures can damage their tender buds, and a hard freeze for an extended period can even damage your entire plant.

If a hard freeze is expected, make sure to take the necessary measures to ensure the well-being of your tulips. If they have emerged above the soil, it is recommended to cover them with a sheet or a cloth.

Can You Keep Tulip Bulbs in Pots?

Can You Keep Tulip Bulbs in Pots

Yes, tulips look great in pots. However, it is pertinent to mention that they are less likely to bloom again once they have finished blooming.

This is because the pots’ growing conditions are tougher compared to gardens. Most gardeners discard them after they have bloomed and then plant new bulbs later on.

Fall is the ideal time to plant the tulip bulbs in the pots. Make sure to fertilize them properly at the time of planting. These fertilizers will help them nurture by providing them with the essential nutrients for growth.

The shoots of your tulips will come out after some time, and when they do, fertilize them again. Once they have bloomed, just take off the flower head. Do not cut the foliage as it will feed the bulb for the next year. Wait for it to turn yellow or brown before you cut it again.

When choosing a pot for keeping tulips, make sure to buy the right size. A large pot will allow you to keep the tulips for a longer time. Lastly, fertilize them regularly and water them when they need it. Tulips do not like a lot of water, but they do need to be watered at least once or twice a week.

Do Tulips Grow Back If You Cut Them?

Do Tulips Grow Back If You Cut Them

It is recommended to cut the tulips when the flower is fully colored and still closed. They keep growing, so choose a vase that offers enough room for their growth. They can grow up to six inches in your vase, so keep that in mind while purchasing the vase.

Final Thoughts

Tulips enjoy a special place among all the flowers, thanks to their fascinating colors and shape. However, storing the tulip buds for next year is a daunting thought for many gardeners.

For best results, store them in a cool and dark place after drying them up properly. If you keep them in a pot, make sure to fertilize them every now and then. You can also leave them on open ground, but be mindful that hard freeze may kill them.

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