How To Keep Hostas Small? (Answered)

how to keep hostas small
how to keep hostas small

Hostas plants are shade-tolerant plants. These plants are easy to grow and help beautify your garden even more. They are a perfect fit for those who love plants and do not have time to take good care of them. Hostas love shades due to which they do not need too much sunlight for their growth. however, it is quite a struggle to keep the Hostas small and to maintain their size. The small size of the plant keeps it healthy throughout the whole season.

With that said, if you are also wondering how to keep Hostas small, then the following information about different methods might help you with the solutions for your queries regarding Hostas.

How To Keep Hostas Small?

1. Use Mulching

The Hostas thrive in less sunlight. Mulching the Hostas is one of the best and simplest ways to keep them smaller in size. This is because mulching the Hostas will help lock the moisture in the soil and prevent direct contact with the light. It will also trap the heat inside the soil which will provide a great opportunity for the Hostas to grow efficiently and mature properly. Also, the mulch on the Hostas will prevent them from growing larger in size.

However, it is worth mentioning the fact that wood should not be used for mulching the Hostas. You can use other types of mulch that ensure their decomposition. You can choose pine needles, compost, shredded leaves, and papers as an option for mulching your Hostas.

2. Divide The Plant Into Sections

Another way to keep Hostas small is to divide the plant into smaller sections. Dividing the Hostas can be helpful in growing their new Hostas and increasing their overall production. In order to separate the Hostas, clump the Hostas with the help of a knife or a plant cutter. Make sure that you cut the plant from below the crown. You can also cut the plant through the roots. This is because the plant is capable of growing roots quickly and has a clumping root system.

3. Planting Positions

As mentioned before, the plant loves shades. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you plant the Hostas in a location where they are not exposed to strong sunlight. The plant does require heat and sunlight for their proper growth but they do not need it every day. You can plant the Hostas at a place where they have shade over them. a place near some tall plant can be a good place to plan the Hostas. Such a position will not only provide shade to the plant but also make the plant grow slowly. This will lead to a smaller size of the plant.

The Bottom Line

Unlike many other plants, Hostas do not require too much attention. If you provide them with a lot of water that is enough to keep the soil moist and some shade, they are good to go. we hope that our methods will help you deal with your Hostas properly.

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