4 Tricks To Keep Groundhogs Out Of Raised Garden Beds

how to keep groundhogs out of raised garden beds
how to keep groundhogs out of raised garden beds

Surely, there is nothing more annoying than to have a couple of groundhogs ruin the garden you have worked so hard on. These little wild animals belong to the squirrel family and live near fields, gardens, and pastures. This is why dealing with these animals can be quite hard.

How To Keep Groundhogs Out Of Raised Garden Beds?

For all those dealing with a groundhog problem in their garden, we have successfully come up with some of the most efficient ways how to keep groundhogs out of raised beds. So, in case you have also been experiencing something similar, then we highly recommend you keep on reading!

1. Scaring Them Away

Groundhogs are known to be shy animals that can be easily scared off. You can make use of any noisy item in order to scare them away. You can use stuff like pinwheels, wind chimes, or any other item that may function for the purpose.

While you may need to scare them multiple times, this should give groundhogs the idea that they aren’t welcome here anymore.

2. Fencing Them Out

Another thing that you can do in order to get groundhogs away from your garden is to use fences. Even though groundhogs can jump out of short fences, you will have to be careful to build a tall enough fence.

Make sure to buy chicken wires and a five-foot post. Bury these wires 12-inch deep so the groundhogs cannot tunnel beneath. Likewise, attach the fences to the posts to make sure they cannot jump out of the fence.  

3. Setting Up Traps

One of the most efficient ways of dealing with any kind of small animal is by setting traps near your garden. However, whenever you are dealing with groundhogs, you will have to wear sturdy gloves and pick all the traps through their handles.

Also, do keep in mind that the traps might end up catching other animals as well. Make a habit of checking the traps after every few days for any other animals with no food or water as you don’t want to torture any poor little soul.

4. Keep Your Garden Clean and Tidy

Groundhogs like to find and stay in hideouts where they can easily hide their entrances and exits. To tackle this, we recommend that you remove all potential places where these groundhogs can hide. You will have to do things like removing weeds, keeping your grasses trimmed, picking up unnecessary sticks, and cleaning piles of trash.

The Bottom Line:

How to keep groundhogs out of raised beds? While dealing with these little animals can get quite troublesome, following the instructions mentioned above should help in quickly dealing with the situation.

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