3 Efficient Steps To Keep Gravel From Moving

how to keep gravel from moving
how to keep gravel from moving

Managing gravel in your driveway and yard can be one of the most demanding projects. Without proper equipment, it is quite challenging to get through the steps, and it takes a lot of effort to move all the gravel. On top of that, if you mess up even a single step, the gravel won’t look perfect in your yard. So, make sure to seek guidance from an expert if you’re struggling with the project.

Recently many users have been asking how to keep gravel from moving. If you’re also confused about the same thing, then these options will help you better manage the gravel project.

How To Keep Gravel From Moving?

1. Use Grid

Installing the perfect foundation for your gravel driveway is a crucial step for keeping gravel from moving around too much. Most users rely on a plastic grid to keep their gravel in place. So, if you’re confused about how to manage the movement of gravel on a steep driveway, just install a grid beforehand, and that will serve you perfectly.

There are many options like honeycomb grid available to the users, which help you get around the movement issues. All you need to do is spread the grid before laying any gravel and manage the layout of your driveway accordingly. Once you’re happy with the layout, just start pouring the gravel into the honeycomb sections and evenly filling up the grid.

It will take a while to manage the grid, but once all the gravel has been evenly distributed in the grid, it will remain in place. Even if your driveway is steep, the grid will keep the gravel secured in one spot. As long as you manage the foundation properly, you won’t have to worry about this step again. So, start by laying the foundation with a plastic honeycomb grid and then pour in your gravel.

2. Use Border

Another quite effective method for managing the movement of the gravel is relying on borders. There are many users that rely on the use of stone borders to keep their gravel in perfect condition. So, the best thing you can do is hire a general contractor and have him manage the border of your gravel driveway. If done perfectly, you will no longer have to worry about the movement of the gravel.

It is true that the plastic grid is quite effective, but if you’re someone who forgot to lay the proper foundation beforehand, then installing a border is your only option. It will cost you a lot of time or money to remove the gravel for another foundation. So, you should just manage the sides of the gravel driveway and limit the movement of the pieces. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about the same issue again.

Relying on stone borders also aesthetically matches the requirements of many gardeners and doesn’t look out of place. But if you’re not that experienced with the use of stone borders, then you can always rely on metal and plastic alternatives. Just pick a durable material that won’t break under stress, and you won’t have further issues with the gravel movement.

3. Manage Drainage

One of the leading problems that can lead to gravel movement is drainage. So, if you didn’t give any attention to the drainage of your gravel driveway, then that is likely why you’re having issues with gravel moving around. All you need to do is develop an efficient drainage system, and you will minimize the movement of the gravel.

With that said, developing an efficient drainage system can be somewhat difficult for beginners. So, if you’re not too confident in your skills, it is a good option to rely on local experts. Hiring a general contractor will save you from a lot of hassle, and the job will be done faster.

All in all, you can rely on all of these methods to keep gravel from moving in your driveway. Most of the time, users prefer the implementation of budget-friendly and easier-to-manage projects like developing a border and managing a drainage system. So, you should also consider these options first if the gravel has already been poured into your driveway. Other than that, if you’ve yet to start the project, then you should just lay down a honeycomb grid.

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