How To Keep Goats in A Fence?

how to keep goats in a fence
how to keep goats in a fence

It can be pretty tricky to manage your farm animals when they keep breaking out of the fence. Goats can be listed as one of the most problematic animals to keep inside a fence. Many farmers struggle with this problem and are unable to figure out methods for keeping goats inside fences. If you’re stuck in a somewhat similar situation and can’t find methods on how to keep goats in a fence, then let us help you with a few techniques.

How To Keep Goats in A Fence

Enough food and water are the two most important factors while trying to keep goats in a fence. As long as the goats are happy, you won’t have to worry about a thing. The goat will stay within the defined boundary. However, if there is nothing to eat, goats will try to find ways to break out of the fence. These animals can jump relatively high and overcome most of the barriers you might be planning.

So, unless you plan on spending thousands of dollars on reinforced fences that are unbreakable and 8 feet high, it would be better to just develop a good system inside the fence. You need to ensure plenty of grass and a supply of fresh water inside the fence for your goats to eat. Other than that, the fence should not be tight, and there should be enough space for goats to roam around freely. That way, these animals won’t feel trapped and will happily stay inside the fence.

However, if you can’t afford to develop a proper system right away and are using old fences, install the fences a few feet deep to reinforce them while also increasing their height above 5 feet. That way, you might buy yourself some time before goats break out of the fence. The only long-term solution to this problem is proper food and water supply. There is nothing more to it, and you can get around the goat issue by putting some time and money into developing a system instead of buying stronger fences.

Most experts will give you the same recommendation. That’s because they also provide goats with enough water and food to keep them inside fences. So, keep in mind that you need a good patch of land with a sufficient supply of clean water to keep the goats in the fences. Otherwise, they will keep trying to break out no matter what you do.

To Conclude

Managing goats in a fence are quite easy as long as there is enough food and water. If the goats go hungry, then no matter how strong your fences are, goats will find a way to escape. So, take care of this problem early on a develop a complete system to keep your goats happy.

If you don’t want to follow this technique, try buying reinforced fences that are more than 8 feet tall. Adequately planting these fences is a must, and hopefully, that will help you manage your farm. However, the cheaper alternative would still be to take care of their food and water needs.

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  1. Incorrect. My goats have an acre of unspoiled brush and kudzu and they insist on jumping the fence just to be jerks.


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