How To Keep Deer From Eating Tulips?

how to keep deer from eating tulips
how to keep deer from eating tulips

Growing a garden with flowers is one thing, but keeping it intact is pretty hard and you will need to ensure that you are taking good care of your flowers as well. Tulips certainly look pretty great and they are the best thing you can get for your gardens.

However, the grazing animals like them as well and they are going to eat them away. You will need to take care of the tulips carefully if you are living in some area where there are grazing animals especially the deer. So, a few things to keep in mind to save your tulips being eaten by deer would be:

How To Keep Deer From Eating Tulips?

Deer are just grazing most of the time, but they are pretty shy in nature so you will not have any major problem getting them away from your tulips and the garden you have planted. There are several ways as well to make it possible, and a few things that you can do to keep deer from your tulips are:

1) Fence

Fencing is the best thing to keep deer and all the other grazing animals away from your garden. So, you will need to place a fence at a considerable distance from your tulips so that the deer cannot jump from top of it or simply graze from above the fence. That will save you most of the times from all these troubles and your garden will be staying intact.

2) Sacrificial plants

Sacrificial plants are another great thing to make it happen for you. You can plant sacrificial plants around the tulips that are not of significance and the deer will be snacking on them instead of eating your tulip flowers. Just make sure to keep a distance between them to not leave it to chances and the deer will be leaving your tulips alone.

3) Spices

If you are not much for scents, having some spices spread across your tulip garden can also be of great help. Spices such as Red Pepper flakes, garlics or onions can confuse the deer and other grazing animals. That will be helping you to get the grazing animals and deer away from the tulips as that will be confusing them so they are not going to eat the tulips.

4) Sprinklers

Sprinklers are another great way to make sure that you are keeping the tulips saved. So, if you can get your hands on some sprinklers or you have them installed already in your garden, you should be setting the timers on these sprinklers for them to activate during dusk and dawn. This will be killing two birds with one stone as that will not only help you water your garden, but sprinklers will also be keeping all the deer away from your tulips.

Dusk and dawn are the times when deer love to graze and setting your sprinklers for these times would be the best thing to get it done for you. This way, you will never have to worry about your tulips being eaten away anymore.

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