How To Grow Kale Indoors? (Answered)

how to grow kale indoors
how to grow kale indoors

Kale, also known as leaf cabbages, both belong to the group of cabbages that are cultivated for their edible leaves. The plant comes in two different colors of leaves that include purple and green. Other than this, you should note that the leaves are also sometimes used as ornamentals. The main difference between kale and other types of cabbages is that the plant does not form any head in its central part.

This allows people to easily distinguish it from other similar plants. With that being said, you should note that some users also ask questions regarding the plant. A common query is “How to grow kale indoors?”. Hence, we will be using this article to provide you with all the information required about this. Going through it should teach you how kale can be planted indoors as well as how you can keep it maintained.

How To Grow Kale Indoors?

Whether you want to grow vegetables in your home, or don’t have the space to plant them in your garden, keeping them indoors is a great option. Additionally, the plants grow best when placed under sunlight and warm temperatures. This is why if you want the kale to survive cold weather conditions then you should place them indoors during winters. You should note that most green vegetables grow best when placed indoors, though, these also require a lot of sunlight.

The good thing about kale is that it takes a small amount of space, and it can grow easily as long as you take proper precautions. Growing the vegetable indoors also helps in keeping them free from most diseases and pests. Just make sure that the seeds you are using are all healthy before you put them in your soil. Another important step that people should keep in mind when growing kale is its variety. For people who want to plant vegetables indoors, choosing a dwarf variety is a better option.

This is because these plants can sometimes grow up to 3 feet in height which is quite tall. To prevent large kale from growing indoors, you can choose a variety that grows about half a foot tall that is quite easy to handle. Moreover, the plant will also have a lower width on it that ensures that you can plant several of these without any issues. With that being said, the next step that people have to take care of is the location of the plant has to be placed in.

This is quite essential as kale grows best when placed under sunlight. Most people recommend that you keep your vegetables under light for at least 6 to 8 hours. This should be enough to keep the leaves growing so that kale can be harvested. Another thing that can be done is that you place your kale near a window. You can then keep it open for several hours so that light can come in contact with the plant. Finally, one more thing that you can do is keep the soil around your kale moist.

This can be done easily by watering the plant enough that its soil gets soaked in water. Though, you have to ensure that the liquid is not too much as this can start suffocating the plant instead. One easy way that you can do this is by creating a small passage beneath the pot of your plant. This can be done by making a small hole that is blocked by a rock. Now when the user plants their kale, all the excess liquid should escape through the hole while the soil remains tightly packed inside.

Keeping Kale Healthy and Free From Diseases

Now that you understand how kale can be grown indoors, the question of how the plant can be kept free from diseases might come to your mind. Considering this, you should note that the vegetable will grow best if you use fertilizers and chemicals along with it. These can help the plant in growing quickly while also keeping it protected from most diseases.

There are tons of companies that manufacture these products, but you should choose a good-quality fertilizer. This will ensure that your plants grow without any issues. People should also remember to add fertilizers after every few weeks as their effects can wear off quickly.

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