Learn How To Grade A Yard with A Bobcat (Brief Guide)

how to grade a yard with a bobcat
how to grade a yard with a bobcat

Owning a skid steer makes it so much easier to execute your gardening projects without relying on professional help. Even if you have an enormous garden, a Bobcat will make it effortless to get through different landscaping projects. So, if you are looking to develop a drainage system or grade the garden, then renting a Bobcat might be a good option for you. With that said, a common question that you will often notice on online forums is how to grade a yard with a Bobcat. If you’re also unsure about how you can use a skid steer to manage the garden layout, then follow the information mentioned below.

How To Grade a Yard with A Bobcat? 

To grade a yard with a Bobcat, you have to start by removing all the extra gardening accessories from the space. Then you should develop a clear plan about the slope as well as the amount of dirt you need to remove in order to create the perfect grading structure. Once you have an accurate understanding, start by bringing your Bobcat in the yard. Operate the hydraulic arms to line up the bucket with the dirt. You need to bring the bucket closer to the ground and make it parallel to the dirt.

Now, depending upon the slope, you want to create, adjust the height of the Bobcat and start driving forward slowly. It shouldn’t be a problem for your machine to get through the top layer. So, you will be done in no time, depending upon the leveling of the garden. If you’re working on a relatively uneven space, then this project will take longer. There is also a good chance that you might have to remove some high chunks from the garden beforehand.

Once the garden is somewhat level, you can start by removing the topsoil with the bucket. After that, just scrape away the excess dirt with the Bobcat and verify the grading structure. If you’re satisfied with the result, you can move ahead with tilling the soil and introducing a few inches of topsoil.

After completing the tilling process, just lay a few inches of topsoil on the graded yard. If you have followed these instructions properly, you won’t have to deal with drainage issues again. However, if you’re inexperienced, then a safer method would be to call an expert for help. That way, the job will be done way faster, and the quality of the grading structure will also improve.

To Conclude

You can grade a yard with a Bobcat by lining up the bucket with the ground level. After that, you just have to drive forward slowly as you scrape away the excess dirt from the garden. You can also use the bucket to fill in the low areas. Once you’ve dealt with the slope of the garden, cover each patch with topsoil.

There should be around 4 inches of topsoil over the tilled dirt. So, if you don’t have enough topsoil in reserve, it might be a good option to visit your nearest gardening store. From there, you can buy some bags of topsoil.

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