How To Fill Aqua Globes? (Answered)

how to fill aqua globes
how to fill aqua globes

It is pretty refreshing to notice all the new tools that help you manage your garden. There are many accessories on the market that will help save your time while gardening. So, if you have a busy schedule and can’t spare time to water the plants, then investing in some Aqua Globes might be the best option for you.

Aqua Globes are pretty helpful, and they look beautiful on the base of your plant. They will help maintain the moisture in the soil without further issues. However, you might have some problems filling these globes so let’s go over the procedure briefly.

How To Fill Aqua Globes?

Due to the small size of the water tube, it can be pretty challenging to fill the globes. There are no techniques that will help you fill the globe faster, and you need to rely on a small stream of water going into the tube. Make sure to tilt the globe at an angle to make it easier for the water to flow inwards.  Even though it feels somewhat annoying to deal with the small glass tube, there is no other quick method that you can use to fill Aqua Globe.

So, just take the globes to your kitchen sink and start a small stream of water to fill them. Luckily due to their small size, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to fill these globes. However, if you try to rush the process, it will take longer to manage the water inside the Aqua Globe. For this reason, you should set a pace accordingly and manage the water flow to minimize wastage.

If you’re struggling with getting the water inside because of clogged dirt, try using a small piece of wood or a slim pen to push the dirt inwards and then wash the globe to remove the dirt. Once the Aqua Globe is completely filled, put it in the base of your plant for proper functioning. You won’t be able to avoid spillage while inverting the globe into the pot.

A common issue that people often face with Aqua Globes is that the water will drain out immediately when they invert the globes into the dirt. To avoid this issue, you need first to ensure that the dirt is wet and has sufficient moisture. Otherwise, if the dirt is wet, water will drain out immediately, and you will have to fill the globe again.

To Conclude

You can fill the Aqua Globe by simply running a small stream of water in your kitchen sink and then tilting the Aqua Globe beneath this stream. There are no faster methods of getting the water in your Aqua Globe, and you will struggle with spillage if you try to rush this process. So, just take it slow and try filling the globe slowly.

With that said, you also need to ensure that the soil mixture is wet before inverting the Aqua Globe into the pot. Because if the soil mixture is dry, all the water will immediately escape from your Aqua Globe.

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