How To Eliminate Stink Bugs On Tomato Plants?

how to eliminate stink bugs on tomato plants
how to eliminate stink bugs on tomato plants

Tomato plants are not only the most delicate ones that you can get out there, but they are also the favorite of different sorts of bugs and other pests and you will have to make sure that you are doing your best to keep your plants and fruits not only healthy but also growing right. So, these bugs will take a lot of efforts on your part to make it happen. There are different sorts of bugs that you must be aware of so that you are taking the perfect measures to get rid of these bugs.

How To Eliminate Stink Bugs On Tomato Plants?

Bugs are pretty easy to name, and stink bugs are as the name says they are. They stink, but that is not the only harm that they can cause to your plants. They are flat with a number of legs sticking out and are pretty big as well that makes them easy to spot. They are not that harmful for yourself, but they can certainly be dangerous for not only the tomato plants but they can also damage the fruits on your tomato plants and that is definitely not something that you would want to have. So, there might be a few ways to get rid of them and you should be knowing them all.

1) Clean the Debris

First of all, you need to get the preventive measure taken care of. So, you should be checking on the debris around your garden and you will have to ensure that you are cleaning up your garden and all the surrounding areas to make it certain that these stink bugs cannot get to your plants and that will help you get rid of them.

The debris is favorite place for the stink bugs to hide and nurture in. So, you will have to keep those farm animals away from the garden as well. Just make sure that you have ample space between these plants and the animals so that the debris cannot get to the plants and as a result get you these stink bugs.

2) Natural Repellents

While there are a lot of repellents available out there that you can possibly get your hands on, they can have adverse effects for your tomato plants as well. So, you will need to figure out the right natural repellent for your garden and that will be hoping you out to avoid all those bugs including the stink bugs from your tomato plants without causing any damage to the plants and the soil.

Just make sure that you are choosing the right natural repellents that are appropriate for the tomato plants and of course to get rid of the stink bugs and that will be just the perfect thing for you to eliminate those stink bugs from the tomato plants.

3) Stinkbug Traps

There is a wide range of stinkbug traps available out there that you can choose to get rid of these stinkbugs. They are pretty easy to use, and you can also make some of your own to get the job done for you.

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