How To Eliminate A Fig Tree? Explained

how to eliminate a fig tree
how to eliminate a fig tree

Fig trees are mostly found in the warmer Mediterranean climates and they can produce the fruits all year round. Not only that is fascinating, but the flowers of fig trees are also hidden inside the fruit and many civilizations believed to be the flowerless trees.

Yet, they can grow at an enormous rate and they don’t require much care at all. This might be uncalled for but the fig trees can cause you to have certain problems at your farm as they will be sucking out moisture and other nutrients that are required by plants you have. So, if you are looking to eliminate a fig tree for any reason, here are a few things you will need to know.

How To Eliminate A Fig Tree?

While it is hard to kill the fig tree if it is established, it is not impossible and you can eliminate a fig tree completely. You just have to make sure that you are following the process right and that will help you get the best of it.

You just have to make sure that there are no scattered fruits or leaves as they can grow pretty quickly and these fruits can reproduce as well. So, a few steps to follow while eliminating a fig tree would be:

How to Achieve this?

To start off with the process, you will need to ensure that you are cutting out any branches that might be growing out and it would be better to carefully cut out all the branches and take them away from the place where you don’t want to have a fig population growing.

Once you are done with the branches, you will need to move to the stem and then cut the stem just above the ground. After that, you will need to drill 10-12 holes in the stem. The number of holes can vary based on the size of trunk of the said fig tree that you are trying to eliminate.

In these holes, you can fill up some bleach or known tree poison that will make sure that the tree doesn’t grow back. Not only that, but it will also be killing all the roots that are there to get you the right sense of comfort.

Once you do that, you can dig up the roots as well after a few months if needed and that will certainly be serving you perfectly. There are other methods as well such as digging out the roots as well after you cut down the tree, but that are not accurate.

If you dig out the roots as well after cutting down the trunk of fig tree, there are chances that a small root might be missed and that can cause another fig tree to grow in its place and you will need to follow the process all over again. That is why, drilling the holes in the trunk and filling them with the bleach would be most convenient and accurate method to get rid of a fig tree.

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