Growing Grain at Home – Discussing The Best Technique

growing grain at home
growing grain at home

For enormous patches of land, farmers like to rely on heavy-duty tools like a scythe to harvest grains from their farms. Harvesting grains with bare hands is not viable and it can take several hours just to get through a small patch of land. So, if you’re planning on growing grain at home, you might need to invest some money to purchase gardening tools. However, if your garden is not that large and you are on a budget then harvesting grains with bare hands might be the better way for you.

We have recently noticed a question floating around on online forums about growing grain at home. So, let us help you with a few methods to grow grain at home.

The Best Method for Growing Grain at Home

Even though it might not seem like it, growing grains at home can be quite challenging for beginners. The process starts easily with raking the land and preparing it for planting seeds. Once the ground has been prepped as per the requirement of the grain you’re planting, try sowing the seeds with about an inch of space in between. That way, there will be sufficient place for the grains to grow. Also, it will be easier to harvest if you don’t own any heavy-duty gardening tools.

After sowing the seeds, you need to take care of the grain requirements for the next three months as per the environmental and climatic conditions. Once the grains are fully mature, you will notice that the color shift to a golden brown. To confirm the maturity of your crops, try checking the firmness of the stalk. If the stalk is hard and the color has no shade of green then now might be time to harvest the grains.

If you planted the grains in a small region then just use your bare hand to break the stalk. Then just put the seed heads in a container. Follow this process to cover the whole garden and once you’re done with harvesting. After the harvest is complete, you can move forward to the trashing procedure to get the grain berries out of the seed heads. Getting grain berries from the seed heads can take hours upon hours if you don’t own the right machinery.

Most gardeners like to use a modified version of a grass trimmer. This is to trash their harvest after putting it in a container. So, you can follow the same method to separate grains from the seed heads. Once all the grains are separated, you can either store them or use them to make any recipe you like.

To Conclude

Growing grain at home can be a lot of hard work if you’re new to gardening. Even though planting grain is not that complicated, trashing seed heads to get the grain berries is a different story.

There are many methods that can for completing the trashing procedure. But, most gardeners like to use weed whackers to get grain berries out of seed heads. However, if you don’t own the right machinery, it will take you multiple hours just to separate small amounts of grain berries from seed heads.

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