Exciting Gardens Reviews: Are They Worth It?

exciting gardens reviews
exciting gardens reviews

Plants change the aesthetics of the garden. If you are looking to purchase one, it is quite possible that you would have considered Exciting Garden. They provide their customers with different kinds of plants.

They have a broad range of variety to offer. If you are also looking to purchase some plants for your garden then it is necessary to go through the feedback of people who have already purchased from Exciting Gardens.

It will help you in deciding whether you should purchase from them or not. We did some in-depth research about Exciting Gardens for you and it is summarized in the following reviews.

Brief Reviews For Exciting Gardens

What makes a company successful? The answer to this question is its customer service department. If the customers of the company are not happy with their customer service, then the future of the company is not safe. People do not trust such companies, which do not satisfy their customers. The majority of the customers of Exciting Gardens registered their complaints that their customer service is not responsive. This creates many doubts related to the company management because customers think that the company might be a fraud.

Another factor that should be considered while purchasing a product from an online store is the return policy of the company. If it is not good then you should avoid buying from that company because it is quite likely that:

  • The delivered orders are not the ones you ordered
  • They are damaged on the way.

In such cases, if there is no refund policy offered by the company then you will have to pay for nothing. By going through the reviews of the customers, who shopped from Exciting Gardens in the past, we came to know that Exciting Customers do offer a refund policy but it is not quick. Many customers had to wait for about two to three months and many got the same defective order again in case of replacement. This shows that Exciting Gardens’ management is only there with a short-term plan in mind. They are focusing more on money than quality.

The quality of the delivered plant should also be researched. It is quite likely in the case of Exciting Gardens that you will receive a dead plant covered in mold. Many customers faced this problem. Most of them asked for a replacement, but they got the same order again. This shows that the company is selling products just to book profits.

In the majority of the cases, the delivered plants’ quality is not the same as it was on the internet. The reason behind this is that the packaging is not of good quality. Most of the orders are packed in plastics whereas some good companies send their orders packed in rigid boxes so that they are not damaged on the way. The possibility of receiving a quality product is very low because of this packaging. This shows that ordering a plant will be just a waste of money.

Moreover, the orders from Exciting Gardens are not delivered on time. You should not order from them if you want your order urgently. Furthermore, if you are purchasing a plant for investment purposes then a delay in order might result in your loss. Many customers in their feedback said that they had to wait for two to three months for their orders and when they received them, most were damaged.


It is obvious from Exciting Gardens’ reviews that the company is not considering customers in its mission. This shows that the only thing that matters to them is money. Companies that do not value their customers do not last for too long. After going through all the details mentioned above it becomes quite clear not to buy plants from Exciting Gardens. Every red flag has been summarized below:

  • Packaging is not up to the mark,
  • Quality is not according to the standards,
  • Orders are mostly not delivered on the promised time,
  • Customer care does not respond on time,
  • Refunds are not issued as they were promised.

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