Easy To Grow Bulbs Reviews – Worth It?

easy to grow bulbs reviews
easy to grow bulbs reviews

If Farmers and people want to buy bulbs for their gardens and farms, the Easy Grow Company is a great option to consider. Moreover, a review can help decide whether to purchase from the brand or not. As a review should give you a deeper insight into the brand itself, you can then move on to your decision for purchase.

So, if anyone wants to buy bulbs from Easy to Grow Company, then Easy to Grow Bulbs reviews are given below, which will help you to make a perfect decision for buying one.

Easy To Grow Bulbs Reviews

Easy to Grow Bulbs is an online company that sells gardening products to farmers and people who love gardening. Bulbs are underground plants that are not visible until their leaves grow and come out from the ground.  Even though people love these bulbs, they don’t seem to be that fond of the company itself.

It is because people faced many problems after buying their products. Many people bought it and faced an issue with the germination of the bulbs; these bulbs do not grow sometimes. When the order is placed, the bulbs you ordered are either already damaged, or will not grow. This can be an issue because it takes time to deliver your order, and when it is finally delivered, the bulb does not grow.

On the other hand, the delivery time is too long. You have to wait for months, and after that much time, your order will be delivered. So, swift delivery is not an option, especially if you decide to order directly from the website. It is because they have bad delivery service.

As claimed by many buyers of this company, the customer’s service is not good. If you place an order from their website, the order takes too long, and if you call them to ask for it, they will not respond. Some users also faced incomplete order delivery problems.

Either the order will come full, or all the bulbs will deteriorate, or the products you ordered will not be delivered fully as some of them will be missing. Yet they will not respond to your texts or calls. Sometimes, the order you placed will not be the one delivered to you, and when people try to reach them out, to change the order they do not respond.

Their shipping is not safe for the order you place. It is because the roots of the stem will be separated after the order will be delivered to you. It will be just a waste of money because you cannot bring those bulbs into working again. After all, they will not grow. The plants also come dead when delivered. It is because of their late delivery. They do not take any precautions to store those bulbs during delivery. They have mentioned that the order can be returned within seven days after delivery, but they do not respond in the warranty days too.

They offer gifts on their website chat if the order you receive any incorrect orders, but those gifts are quick to expire. Therefore, if anyone received that gift in winter will have to wait until summer, because in winter, the bulbs do not germinate, and during summer, the gift will be expired. They will ask you for the invoice if the order is not fully delivered because they do not keep any record of that. So, for a company that deals all over the globe and does not have any backup or does not keep any record of their customers, what can be worse than that?

Why Easy to Grow Company Is Not Better Than Other Companies in Consumers’ Market?

As it is concluded that people are not satisfied with this company. Because the order does not come on time and takes too long. Even if the order delivers, the product might not the one you ordered or is fully dried out, deteriorated, or you will not receive the full order. On top of that, there is no refund, even if you contact during warranty days.

2 thoughts on “Easy To Grow Bulbs Reviews – Worth It?”

  1. As an accomplished gardener for over 45 years, I have never had such a bad experience. 1 Star is too much as they deserve NEGATIVE 5 stars. Easytogrowbulbs.com company sent me dead bulbs in exchange for my good financial funds. After multiple calls to a “voice mail” only number and several e-mails sent, they have yet to even TRY to rectify the problem. DO NOT BUY from them….

  2. DEFINITELY NOT! I ordered from them in 2012 and they were very good. Everything shipped on time, large and healthy and packed well. Then, they came under new ownership by people who seriously have no idea running a business or how to store bulbs/rhizomes. My orders are as much as 2 months past the growing season since 2019 and I ordered again in 2023. They said it was held up waiting for Astilbe. It finally arrived, and the Astilbe looked healthy at one time, but a $104 order with 9 different packages of plants, a $35 Peony, Astible, Bleeding heart and others, all stuffed into a 6″ x 6″ box, crushing the otherwise healthy Astilbe. The others were so dried waiting for the Astilbe to arrive that I don’t think half is still viable. I’m dealing with Hospital plants now. It’s a punch in the stomach to see what’s happened to this company to become SO inept, but it’s consistently this way. The biggest problem is you only get a refund, not a replacement, so you end up with nothing. Don’t waste your money or time. You won’t get the full order, it doesn’t matter what it is, and you’ll be dealing with refunds and EXTREME troubles getting them to respond.


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