Draper Header vs Auger Header Comparison: What’s The Difference

draper header vs auger header
draper header vs auger header

Choosing the right header is quite a challenging task. You need to have huge experience or knowledge to select the perfect one for your business. Most experts suggest that you go for options with the best reviews.

In the case of the header, you should opt for the one with the most automatic features to increase the efficiency and production rate.

You should know that the price also plays a major role. Therefore, if you purchase an automatic header, select the one with maximum features at a minimum price.

In the market, the draper header and auger header are quite famous. According to their users, both have high production rates because of their high yield, making them suitable for large farms.

If you are also confused between the draper header and the auger header, go through the following notes. After reading all details mentioned in the following paragraphs, you can select one.

Draper Header vs Auger Header

  Draper Header Auger Header
Speed 350 to 400 ft/min 300-350 ft/min
Blade Larger, more aggressive Smaller, less aggressive
Best for Cutting long, tough grass Harvesting smaller crops
Function Harvesting and stacking Harvesting
Production rate Great A little less
Price Costly Affordable, Relatively cheap

As discussed above, the draper and auger header are of top-notch built quality. Still, they have certain differences, which we need to discuss. Therefore, we researched those differences, which you can see in the following details.

  • Draper Header

A draper header uses a belt to cut the crops from the ground. The finish of a draper header is quite smooth.

draper header

The belt acts as a conveyor belt that carries the cut crops to the feeder. This header lasts two to four years, depending on the condition of the field and output.

A Draper header is a specialized harvesting attachment for farm equipment that cuts and gathers grain crops.

This header features a long, wide cutting bar with multiple flexible blades designed to quickly trim the crop into bundles, which are then gathered and transported away from the field by an auger or conveyor belt.

Unlike other types of harvesting equipment, a Draper header can be easily adapted to different crops and harvesting conditions, making it an extremely versatile and popular tool for farmers.

Many options are available today if you want a high-performance Draper header for your farming needs.

A Draper header’s key features and benefits include its ability to cut crops quickly and efficiently, reduce waste and damage during harvesting, and provide reliable performance even under heavy use or in challenging conditions.

Many Draper headers are made from high-quality materials that withstand tough weather conditions and wear and tear over time.

Some models are equipped with advanced features such as automatic height adjustment, crop sensing systems, and self-cleaning mechanisms to help streamline your harvesting process.

  • Auger Header

On the other hand, the auger header transfers the crops from the cutter to the auger table via a rotating screw.

auger header

The screw is of helical shape. The cut crop finish of an auger header is also very smooth, but the production rate is a little less than the draper header.

The Auger header is located at the top of the auger. It allows for the flow of material to be diverted at will.

The location and orientation can greatly affect any system’s performance, particularly where there are chances that this movement could clog or block a certain path.

The header is typically made up of several different components, though not all are necessary for the auger to function.

The first component is a fitting, which allows for connections between the header and other components of the system. It also provides some amount of flexibility in how this connection can be established.

However, it will often have limitations on what materials can be combined.

The next component is an inlet, which is used to direct the flow of material into the header.

This can be done through a gate, similar to those found in valves, or a diverter plate that controls the flow along one path or another. A seal typically sits around this section to keep it closed while not being actively used.

Most importantly, the header has a section called the flight, which directs and guides the material flow.

This area’s exact design and layout will depend on its intended function, but it is often segmented to optimize its performance.

If you are looking for an auger header that can handle a wide range of materials and conditions, then there are a few key features to consider.

The first is the material used for the construction, as this can affect its durability and ability to process different materials.

Another important consideration is the flexibility of the design, as this will help ensure that it functions well in any condition or application.

Not to forget, you should look at the ease of maintenance and repair of the header, as this can help minimize downtime and ensure that it remains in top working condition.

  • Price

Suppose you are new to the business, then high price products are not for you. It is because there is a huge chance that you might break the product because of your little knowledge.

On the other hand, if you are experienced, you can go for an expensive product depending on your budget. In the case of the draper header and auger header, the draper header is more costly.

When choosing a header, the price should be a consideration. There are many options available, from inexpensive to very expensive.


One thing is for sure: Making the best decision will help you get a good return on your investment.

The Draper and Auger header is a great choice for many farmers or ranchers because it is sturdy and can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Moreover, you should select a product based on your requirements. It is because purchasing an expensive product that is not required in your case will not be more than a liability for you.

On the other hand, cheaper products might not have the necessary features for your business.

 Therefore, the best way to choose a product for your field is to know the local conditions and requirements.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is another important thing to consider in the case of a header because it is quite likely to receive a damaged product. If the customer service were not up to the mark, you would not be able to replace the product.

Moreover, a company’s customer service determines its product quality. A company with poor customer service mostly does not have a bright future. It is because the customers of such a company start to leave.

Customer Care Service

It reduces the loyalty of the customers toward that company. In the case of the draper header vs. auger header, the draper header customers were more satisfied than those of the auger header.

This shows that if you are interested in purchasing a product from a company that values its customers, you should opt for the one with the most good reviews.

Compare and contrast the Draper Header vs. the Auger Header.

One of the main differences between a Draper header and an Auger header is how they are used.

A Draper header is typically used for cutting long, tough grasses and grains such as soybeans, while an Auger header is more suited to smaller crops that require less power to cut through.

Another difference is that a Draper header can be used for harvesting and stacking, while an Auger header is usually only used for one of those functions.

A few similarities between the two headers include their positioning on the harvester and the design of the cutting mechanism.

Both headers are attached to the front of a harvesting machine, usually positioned slightly above ground level so that they can cut crop matter at an optimal height.

Draper headers and Auger headers use a series of rotating blades to cut through the crop material, although the blades on a Draper header tend to be slightly larger and more aggressive than those on an Auger header.

Overall, both types of headers have advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of crop being harvested and the conditions in which it is grown.

A Draper header is likely the best option if you are looking for a harvesting machine that can handle tough grasses and grains.

On the other hand, if you need a more nimble header that can handle smaller crops in tighter spaces, then an Auger header may be a better choice.

Your decision should depend on your specific needs and preferences as a farmer or harvester operator.


It can be seen that both draper and auger headers are quite famous in the market. You should purchase the one according to your requirements.

If you are interested in buying a product with high yield and finish quality, go for the draper header.

On the other hand, if you want the approximately same package on a low budget, then go for the auger header. The roughness of your field should also be considered before choosing one.

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