Do SunPatiens Come Back Every Year? (Answered)

do sunpatiens come back every year
do sunpatiens come back every year

SunPatiens are one of the most famous types of flowers that people all around the world love. When it comes to these, you should note that this does not come from an original type of plant. The main reason for this is that a famous Japanese seed company decided to breed two different types of impatiens plants that resulted in this mutation.

The SunPatiens plant is a hybrid which is why it can be quite difficult to get its seed. You will notice that these are rarely available and even if you get them then the plant can cost you a lot. While that is the case, people still purchase the seeds at a higher price because of how beautiful these look.

Do SunPatiens Come Back Every Year?

You should note that if you are someone thinking about planting SunPatiens in your garden then you should understand how to keep it maintained. This should help in ensuring that the flowers last you a long time. People planting SunPatiens in their gardens often question “Do SunPatiens come back every year?”. The short answer for this is “no”, but there are several things that you need to understand. Just like its counterpart impatiens, SunPatiens is also an annual flower.

This means that the plant will only blossom while it is in season and once the weather starts to change, the flowers will start falling. These plants will then dry out and the seeds left behind them are not enough to create a new plant.

Considering this, there is no way to get the plant again next year without manually planting new seeds. Other than this, another thing to note is that SunPatiens buds can sometimes dry out, if this happens then these buds will simply die, and no flowers will blossom from them.

Can SunPatiens Be Perennial?

Going through the information provided above, you can understand that SunPatiens are annual flowers that only blossom during their season. Although, some people often wonder if you can turn these plants into perennials. These are plants that grow back every year without people having to manually plant new seeds. Keep in mind that even perennial flowers can dry out, but these can easily last you 3 to even 4 years.

Talking about this, you should note that it is not possible to make SunPatiens perennial. Areas that have a cool temperature that stays within that range throughout the year can sometimes notice that the flowers start growing back again. However, this is quite rare and depends mostly on the weather conditions. Another thing to note is that the seeds falling from a SunPatiens flower can be quite difficult to extract.

Even if you somehow get these, then there is still a higher chance of them being a new hybrid instead of being SunPatiens seeds. This is because the pollen is taken to reproduce the flower usually comes from another flower instead of its breed. The main reason behind this is that these flowers don’t attract bees and hummingbirds as others do.

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