Do Slugs Eat Marigolds? (Answered)

Do Slugs Eat Marigolds
Do Slugs Eat Marigolds

Gardeners enjoy planting flowers and keeping them maintained. They add fertilizers to their soil to ensure that the growth of plants does not stop. Moreover, these users add chemicals and pesticides that will prevent their flowers from catching diseases. This shows how much care is required when keeping plants in your garden healthy. While gardening is often viewed as a hobby, you should note that this can be quite difficult. People have to keep in mind how different varieties of flowers will stay healthy over the year.

This includes looking out for the temperatures as well as the requirements of these plants. With that being said, most beginners tend to look for flowers that are easier to maintain. This is where marigolds come in they are one of the easiest plants to keep healthy. Though, a common issue with the flower is getting attacked by insects and animals. This is why some users ask, “Do slugs eat marigolds?”. If you are also curious about this, then going through this article should help you in understanding the query.

Do Slugs Eat Marigolds?

Slugs are animals that are a type of terrestrial gastropod mollusk. The main thing that distinguishes them from other animals of the same class is their lack of shells. You will notice that slugs are mostly attracted to large grass or plants with big leaves that they can stick to. This is why people often ask if slugs eat marigolds as these have tons of leaves spreading out.

Answering the question, slugs do eat marigolds and the animals tend to enjoy this. This is exactly why the plant is often used as a trap to catch slugs in your garden. Having marigolds planted means that slugs will be attracted to its leaves which is why all of your other flowering plants can be kept protected.

This is a great way to get rid of an infestation from your garden or ensure that other plants can stay safe from these animals. Other than slugs, there is a variety of insects, birds, and other animals that are attracted to the flower as well. Although, marigold also has a strong odor on it that works as a repellent for most pests. Keeping this in mind, you will notice tons of people using marigolds as a companion plant with other varieties of flowers. This can be amazing as long as you know what you are doing.

How To Get Rid Of Slugs?

Now that you understand that slugs are attracted to marigold flowers and enjoy eating its leaves. People might often wonder how these can be removed from their garden. Several methods can be used and depend on the users’ personal preferences.

Additionally, the number of slugs in their garden also plays a huge role in which method will suit people better. Usually, a few slugs can be removed by handpicking them daily from your marigold flowers. However, if there is an infestation then the use of chemical products is necessary. This might damage your flowers a little, but the chemicals ensure that all the slugs will die out.

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