Do Possums Eat Oranges? (Answered)

do possums eat oranges
do possums eat oranges

Possums are a type of species (animal) that are mostly found in Australia. They may look like a squirrel. Some people may also think possum and opossum to be the very same animal. However, both of them are quite different from each other.

But they are both marsupials. They aren’t really dangerous to anyone. The main difference between a possum and opossum is that possums are actually found in Australia, China, New Zealand, and are somewhat related to kangaroos. On the other hand, opossums are found mostly in North America and are most usually white.

Do Possums Eat Oranges?

During the process of growing oranges, people have noticed strange bite marks on their oranges. Seeing this, they only have a single question in mind, which is “Do possums eat oranges?”. The oranges do look like a bite mark that came directly from a marsupial, which is why they suspect possum to be the culprit.

Today, we will be explaining all about the behavior of possums to oranges and such fruits. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started!

Is It True?

If you’re here only for the short answer, then yes, possums do eat oranges. In fact, possums are actually better known as pests to oranges and will eat them. Apart from possums, other animals such as rats are also commonly known for the same behavior against oranges.

In order to determine whether possums have eaten your oranges or not, you may look at the eaten orange. Most usually, possums will leave the peel of the oranges, while eating all the flesh inside the fruit. They may as well eat the whole fruit as well.

If you do find your oranges eaten, and are living somewhere where possums are commonly found, then they are most probably the culprit.

How to Prevent Possums from Eating Your Oranges?

Now that you know that possums really do eat all of your oranges, it is also important that you know how to prevent them from doing so. Here are a few things that should help you:

  1. Using nets is one of the best options to prevent possums from eating your fruits. What you have to do is to simply put up a netting fence around your garden or tree. Just ensure the fence is tall enough (should be around 1m tall).
  2. Using mothballs should also prove to be quite effective against fighting off possums. If you do decide to use it, be sure to use it effectively. Doing so should help keep all the possums away.

Another important behavior of possums is that they don’t usually eat orange leaves or any other citrus leaves.

The Bottom Line

Do Possums eat oranges? Yes, they do. Through this article, we have mentioned ways on how you can prevent them from eating all the oranges from your tree. We have also attached important information about their behavior, and how they can eat the oranges from your trees.

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