Do Herb Pots Need Drainage Holes? (Answered)

do herb pots need drainage holes
do herb pots need drainage holes

Picking the right pot for your plants helps a lot in ensuring their survival long term. Even though it is possible to grow plants in pots with no drainage holes, it is always best to stick to pots with drainage holes. This is because it can be exceptionally difficult for beginners to manage the water supply and avoid root rot.

So, if you’re not confident in your skills as a gardener, stay away from pots with no drainage holes. With that said, recently, many people have come forward with questions regarding the use of pots with no drainage holes for their herbs.

Do Herb Pots Need Drainage Holes? 

The answer to this question depends entirely on the type of herb you’re planting. Depending upon the requirements of the herb and your experience as a gardener, it can be viable to use herb pots with no drainage holes. However, in general, it is a better practice to go for pots with drainage holes. These holes might seem unimportant, but they help minimize errors long term. So, if you’ve recently started gardening, you should only choose pots with drainage holes.

Having no drainage holes in the pot will cause several issues like water collecting at the bottom of the pot and causing root rot. Even though you can avoid this issue by managing the water supply, it can be quite difficult to keep the optimal quantity of moisture in the potting mixture. Gardeners either don’t supply their plants with sufficient water or go overboard with the water supply. Both of these situations are quite harmful to the plant and cause long-term issues to your indoor plants.

With that said, there is no harm in experimenting with pots with no drainage holes. It is possible that you will get the hang of the watering schedules quickly and won’t have to deal with dead herbs. So, if you’ve found a great indoor pot with no drainage holes, bring it back to your home and try planting some herbs. Make sure to go for the herbs that rely on more water supply to survive.

That way, even if you go a bit overboard with the water supply, the herbs will benefit from the extra moisture in the soil. However, if you notice root rot symptoms and any other issues, immediately limit the water supply. Hopefully, that will help you save the herb in time.

To Conclude

If you’re new to gardening, then it is better to have herb pots with drainage holes. The drainage holes make it easier to manage the water supply. Even if you provide excessive water, it won’t stay in the pot and cause damage to the roots. So, depending upon your experience as a gardener, a herb pot with a drainage hole is a better choice.

However, if you’re completely familiar with the watering schedule, then you can try pots with no drainage holes in your home. Make sure to keep the water supply in check at all times, and your plants will prosper. Once you get the hang of the new watering schedule, it will be effortless to keep the herbs in perfect health.

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